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How about something like, “MLB awards Phillies a second win for Halladay’s no-no.” Kinda feels like some people – from SI’s Jon Heyman to casual Reds fans on Facebook saying they’ve lost faith – have completely given up on the Reds after ONE GAME.

Impressive feat, no doubt. Also not the end of the world as far as the Reds are concerned. Did anyone think the Reds would win both of the first two games in Philly? Very few, I would imagine. Did Reds fans hope the team could earn a split of the first two games so that they could come to Cincinnati with a chance to win the series here? Sure. Which they still have a chance to do, against a guy (“Little Roy”) who was once dominant against the Reds but hasn’t beaten us since ’08. And is the series even over if the Phils take Game 2? Not as far as I can tell. I’m pretty sure it’s best 3 out of 5.

Anyway, the only other problem I had with Heyman’s column was his suggestion that Cabrera was the only one to complain about Hirschbeck’s strike zone. He may have been the only one to complain verbally AFTER the game. I think it was pretty clear that Rolen had a problem with strike three in the 5th (as I mentioned last night) … he might not have whined about it afterward because he’s a professional and he’s ready to give Halladay his due and move on like the rest of us.

Everyone’s entitled to have a bad day or a bad night, right? It looks especially bad when the opposing pitcher is having a great night. The Reds will get ’em going in Game 2, and hopefully it’s enough to tie the series at 1. Or maybe they’ll shoot for winning the final three games of the series, even if they do have to face Halladay again. I bet they won’t forfeit the game if they do; sure they got no-hit, but they also pounded him once during the regular season (he gave up a season-high 13 hits in Cincinnati on June 30). Anything can happen.


  1. mikeNo Gravatar

    0 hits = 1 win

  2. MicheleNo Gravatar

    Isn’t it true that the Reds are a fastball hitting team. Do you honestly think Oswalt is gonna be serving up fastballs?

  3. mikeNo Gravatar

    also…what about those d-bags dressed like babies who did little dances for strikeouts. Sad… and the dude making the cry-baby face when Rolen came to the plate. I wanted to puch the tv

  4. B-HoNo Gravatar

    Classic philly douchebag with the crybaby face. I was enraged as well.

    Also didn’t get the double rainbow shirts with the Roy’s face on them. What are they trying to say about their team?

  5. DaveNo Gravatar

    Yeah, I’m definitely planning on having more stuff to throw at the TV nearby for Game 2. I didn’t get the double rainbow shirt either – kinda creepy.

  6. DaveNo Gravatar

    Hopefully everyone writes about how stupid the Braves just looked against Lincecum and how they have no chance of winning their series either.

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