2011 Topps Heritage

2011 Topps Heritage Aroldis Chapman
Topps Heritage has me wrapped around its little finger. Every year, I look forward to all the vintage goodness that each set oozes. Following the sequential pattern that Topps started with the 1952-inspired set back in 2001, the 2011 release features the 1962 design. Topps shot out a preview today via @ToppsCards featuring none other than our very own Aroldis Chapman (above). BTW, shouldn’t Aroldis’ card say “2011 Rookie”?

Topps also posted some more cards on The Facebooker, containing another must-see card for Reds fans featuring Frank Robinson and Joey Votto…

WOAH!!! Frank Robinson! Joey Votto!!! WHOA!!! WHOA!!!

We now officially now have the droolz. See you in the baseball card aisle at Target in February.


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    My jaw just hit the floor. That AChap is beautiful.

  2. les garrisNo Gravatar

    Brian Wilson hair cracked me up,but where’s the BEARD ?

  3. billNo Gravatar

    my chapman card is full face no glove and states 2011 rookie???

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