‘Headed for trouble’

I read this article from the San Mateo County Times and now I’m all freakin’ out that my 5-year-old son, who is in kindergarten, might be giving teachers and classmates the impression that he has an allegiance to a gang, given that we often send him to school in Reds gear. From the story:

According to various websites, Cincinnati Reds memorabilia is the second-most gang-affiliated sportswear.

Uh oh. Reading further …

Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Oakland Raiders clothing, bandannas and other accessories have distinct meaning to gangs in the Bay Area. If your family does not root for these teams but their logos are being worn excessively by your teens or tweens, they could be headed for trouble. Even if they have no interest in gangs, it’s possible they could be mistaken for a gang member.

Great, so when my boy becomes a teen or tween, he has to stop wearing Reds garb? Am I going to have to have a talk with him? “Sorry, pal, I can’t let you wear Reds logos anymore because of the risk involved. But I got you a couple of nice Billings Mustangs shirts on clearance at MLB.com so that any of your friends who are aware that the Mustangs are a short-season affiliate of the Reds realize that you still love your team.”


  1. dinner_rollNo Gravatar

    @OMGreds Haha. Sometimes I’ll pass a dude in a Reds hat in DC and be all “Reds fan!! …oh.”

  2. YeOldeJacobNo Gravatar

    @omgreds I’ve been told to remove my Reds “Gang Hat” before (I’m in a small, redneck town in Indiana). I’m the whitest, nerdiest guy I know.

  3. Samlau53No Gravatar

    @OMGreds Hmmm. I guess maybe seeing celebs wearing Reds gear has double meaning? That damn Justin Bieber!

  4. @samlau53 Want to join Bieber’s gang, for sure.

  5. @yeoldejacob Wow, really?

  6. YeOldeJacobNo Gravatar

    @omgreds I thought people around here would at least notice I’m too old to be imitating gangs. But New Era has really banked on that vibe.

  7. YeOldeJacobNo Gravatar

    @omgreds I mean, I tight-roll my jeans and wear obscure movie T-shirts. But the Reds cap somehow trumps that and becomes gang paraphernalia.

  8. @yeoldejacob Hold on, you peg your jeans? AWESOME

  9. YeOldeJacobNo Gravatar

    @omgreds That I do. Someone has to keep the awesome trends of the past alive, you know what I’m sayin’?

  10. andreavisNo Gravatar

    @omgreds Don’t worry, by the time your kid is a teenager, the Florida Marlins gear will be the new gangwear, because nothing says gangsta like a teal fish. Then we can all wear our Redleg gear again!

  11. MrSmithNo Gravatar

    SuWoo. Bloods love the Reds. At least they give us the false idea that we have a huge national/rapper following.

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