2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Alrighty, lefties… The 2010 OMGreds Holiday Gift Guide is here. If you or yours are looking for Reds-related gear that is a bit off the beaten path, look no further. Here’s our best bets for “Season H”.

Cincy tee

by Homage

Cincy tee by Homage

If your the guy or gal that doesn’t care to rock the shersey at GABP in the heat of summer, this is the tee for you. Homage brings it strong with this Cincinnati chili parlor inspired design. Rep the red, but also your city in this soft, fitted tee. Honorable mention: Nasty Boys tee. Homage is a MUST-HAVE in your wordrobe. They also have Zubus, so you know they check-correct. BONUS: The Homage Black Friday sale is off-the-chain.


Gomes Robe

by McArthur Towel and Sports

Jonny Gomes and his magical robe

You know you’ve been eyeing this bad-boy for your loved one (you) since Jonny started rocking it during the 2010 season. It’s the ultimate tribute to the mohawked-one, but also comfy, intimate and sporty. Just ’cause your chillin’, sippin’ on joe cookin’ an omelet doesn’t mean you can’t rep your team.


Battery Jacket

by Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness Reds Battery Jacket

You’ll see plenty of Mitchell & Ness double knits roaming around GABP any game night. We dig retro threads, but think you should take it a step further and channel your inner Sparky with this blast from the past. The Mitchell & Ness “Battery Jacket” is straight forward and to the point. It’s says: I’m a Reds fan dammit and I do like to dress properly for inclimate weather. Wear it with pride.


Party Mustache

by Urban Outfitters

Your 'stache is trash!

Party LIKE MR. REDLEGS Mustache, you mean? That’s right, put your Sharpies down – You don’t have to have your friend draw that crooked ‘stache on any more before heading to the Great American Ball Yard. It’s big, it’s combable, it’s damn good looking and requires no trimming, or growing-of, for that matter. Don’t be surprised if Rosie Red shows up in your section at the top of the first inning. And the bottom of the third. And most of the fifth and sixth innings and follows you out to your car after the game. It’s just the ‘stache, ya’ll!

Keith Hernandez would be proud. As would Sam.


Area 31 tee

by Unheard Of

Area 31 Jonny Gomes t-shirt from Unheardof Cincinnati

Our skillets down at Unheard Of are back at it again with an UPDATED version of their Area 31 t-shirt. This time around, the Jonny-approved tee gets a camouflage upgrade to salute the efforts of our troops around the world. Proceeds from the sale of this tee go directly to the USO. Great stuff. The tee will be available from Unheard Of the week leading up to Redsfest.


Cincinnati Tigers 1937 Road Jersey

by Ebbets Field Flannels

1937 Cincinnati Tigers jersey

This flannel is the bomb. Go retro-retro with this exact reproduction of Tigers’ 1937 road jersey. As the story goes, the Reds would lend the Tigers (Cincinnati’s Negro League team) their away jerseys. So, in essence, this is also a ’37 Cincinnati Reds jersey. How about them apples?

Ebbets Field Flannels are the best you can get, so go and get it. All jerseys are made to order, so you know your getting fresh flannel when it hits your mailbox. It’s time to finally hang up that Adam Dunn repluthentic and sport some timeless swag at the ballpark.

Oh, and make sure you check out Ebbets’ other Cincinnati-related offerings.


Readin’ Material

Reds fan have gotten quite a few treats recently with excellent published works. If you’ve already blow through The Machine and Game Six, you have to pick up these locally-published books chronicling teams that OMGreds were actually able to enjoy in-person. The best part? Both books have really pretty pictures!

Wire to Wire Reds
By John Erardi and Joel Luckhaupt

The Wire-to-Wire Reds

John Erardi teamed up with OMGreds’ favorite SABR-toothed Reds fan Joel Luckhaupt to expertly tell the tale of the ’90 Reds, everyone’s favorite team. Everyone, right? Right. Either way, if you haven’t read this year, make sure to get it on your list. Your aunt is looking for an inexpensive gift for you. Might as well get a really good one, right?


The Comeback Kids
By Joe Jacobs and Mark J. Schmetzer

The Comeback Kids

Hot off the presses, The Comeback Kids chronicle a season that we are still coming down off our high from. This is the book you want to cuddle up with in the cold, dark winter months leading up to spring training. Luckily for you, it’s paperback, making it much more comfortable for those extended cuddles.



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