Redsfest Protips

Hope you’re looking forward to Redsfest as much as we are.

We’ve been going the past few years and have had a blast every-time. There’s always so much to do and see – it can be pretty overwhelming. Thanks to our faithful, and hilarious, Twitter followers, we’ve got a few tips for your weekend.

I always take 2 cards of each player, even if I don’t intend to get in their line. You never know when a line will be short enough.
– via @REALjtCarter

Bring your own Sharpie, in case you spot a player signing while walking through the crowd.
– via @REALjtCarter

extra camera batteries. If u use ur camera make sure It’s fully charged before going. It gets hot in their, wear layers.
– via @thethadd

Sign up for Twitter and be near the central booth for autograph listings-you never know which will pop up first. Be ready to run.
– via @JotaEseTheGeek

Dress comfortably…check a coat, and be ready to stand A LOT! Wear whatever your feet are comfy in!
– via @JotaEseTheGeek

Continuously tweet @JimDayTV & ask why he’s not there.
– via @lisabraun

I used 2 do a lap around the whole place 2 get my barrings; Even if u don’t want the giveaway, don’t assume ur girlfriend doesn’t
– via @sarahkelley

Do not look Jonny Gomes directly in the eye unless you wish to burst into flames.
– via @goggles17

#Redsfest tip: Wait til late Saturday to buy the ironic jersey. You’ll save tens of dollars that way!
– via @redreporter

Tip: When you see the players moving through the crowd DON’T stop them. They have tight schedules. At most, high five ’em.
– via @welchan1

#redsfest tip…..Bring extra batteries for your camera, maybe even an extra memory card
– via @AmyPerry04

Thanks so much to everyone that responded to our call for tips! See you at Redsfest.


  1. BennyClineNo Gravatar

    @OMGreds good #Redsfest pro-tips, but don’t forget: bring up a ‘green hat’ question when they have open forum Q&A!

  2. I can only imagine how packed that place was. Looks like a lot of fun.

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