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Chad Ocho Cinco & Joey Votto

Chad Ocho Cinco & Joey Votto

We don’t think you could put together two guys that are more opposite on the media attention-wanting spectrum. Nati sports darlings Chad Ocho Cinco and Joey “eleventy-bajillion” Votto bumped into each other at the Starbucks at 4th & Vine Downtown this morning. Chad posted this photo on his Twitter account.

Bengals Nation likely didn’t care, but Reds fans that weren’t already star-dazed from Votto’s appearance the night before at Redsfest swooned with excitement. Or, at least they thought it was interesting.


  1. BrookeNo Gravatar

    I believe it was actually “eleventy-bajillion.” I think Joey was speaking Canadian.

    I saw that photo on Twitter. Definitely a Felix-and-Oscar kind of pairing!

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    “eleventy-bajillion” – got it!

  3. LandoNo Gravatar

    Keep that self-promoting idiot away from Joey Votto! The last thing the Reds need is bad karma from that inept football franchise.

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