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Johnny Vander Meer - Infinite Baseball Card

Johnny Vander Meer at

One of my favorite items in my modest baseball collect is the first issued set from The Infinite Baseball Card Set. Illustrator and designer Gary Joseph Cieradkowski has set out to create a never-ending set of baseball cards that capture the interesting and the obscure from baseball days long gone. Each card features an exquisite illustration accompanied by a carefully researched story on the player. From Negro Leaguers to obscure semi-pro players and even hall of famers in their days before the show, the Infinite Set is a beautiful look at the history of the game – and its uniforms.

The Infinite Set’s most recent entry features none other than Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Vander Meer. We all know him as the dude that tossed back-to-back no-hitters for the Reds in 1938. Check out Johnny’s beautiful card and story over at The Infinite Baseball Card Set.

On another Cincinnati-related note, The Infinite Set featured a card of Sandy Koufax in a University of Cincinnati baseball uniform. Unfortunately, the NCAA forced the removal of the card due to it being in violation of collegiate licensing laws. Commence eye rolling… NOW. You should have seen it – it was a beautiful card.

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