Poultry Pummeling

Ah! Totally forgot about this! What season was this? 2006! Can anyone identify the Reds involved? Is that Bill Bray with the socks? When is Gapper getting a beat-down?

He may have lost this battle, but at least the San Diego Chicken can throw-down when he needs to.

Via the Better Off Red Facebook Fan Page


  1. AniRayne33No Gravatar

    RT @OMGreds: OMGreds.com: Poultry Pummeling http://omgreds.com/2011/01/03/poultry-pu

  2. scrappyred1No Gravatar

    @OMGreds THANK YOU!! 8th grade math is kicking some butt around here at the moment! :( we needed that giggle break !!!:)

  3. dinner_rollNo Gravatar

    It’s 2006… I remember it. Unfortunately I can’t recall the players involved. The one dude looks too skinny to be Dunn, but who else was that tall?

  4. @scrappyred1 Anytime!

  5. DanNo Gravatar

    @dinner_roll: 2006… Right on!

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