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Joey Votto Bobblehead and Sports Illustrated cover

The Joey Votto 2011 Bobblehead and SI cover

Unless you live under a Dimitri Young-sized rock, you’ve likely heard that the Reds are giving away a fabulous Joey Votto “MVP” bobblehead on Saturday, April 30, 2011. Sounds good to us. You get an MVP trophy – you get some serious promo action.

Modeled after Joey’s Sports Illustrated cover, the bobblehead features a very serious (per usual) Mr. Votto. A nice follow-up effort from 2010’s Votto Action Figure (non-poseable).

Of course, we likey! Who wouldn’t? But… who didn’t see this one coming? Question is, what other bobbleheads do the Reds have in store for us in ’11?

The past few years, we’ve dropped our own predictions (‘08, ‘09 & ‘10) and have mostly been dead wrong. Let’s do it again! This time, we’ll keep it short.

[UPDATE] The Reds have announced the two bobbleheads that will be joining Joey in 2011 are Dusty Baker w/ toothpick holder (7/2/11) and Jonny Gomes (7/23/11). See ya’ll at GABP! For these and more Reds promotions, click it.

Johnny Cueto
JC was on our list last year, and he remains this year as well. His time has come. After the bobblization of Homer Bailey, Edinson Volquez, Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo the past few years, Johnny deserves the ceramic. Just don’t put him in a karategi, alrighty?

Jonny Gomes
Let’s keep this an all “J” bobblefest, right? Gomes is getting the “nod” this year. What he lacks in URZ he makes up in style and flair. Cincinnati fans just eat this stuff up. Jonny in bobble form is an instant sell-out. We’re talking SRO GONE BEFORE walk-up sales. Right? Well, maybe. Tack a sombraro or ski googles on Jonny and this is an instant classic. Throw a robe on him and you’ve got something epic. Put Jonny Bobbles in a suit and you’ve got something only OMGreds would think was pretty funny.

Wild Cards
We’re going to with Reds rookie sensation Mike Leake in the wild card category. After a stellar rookie season, he’s a rising star in the stadium promotions category. Be on the watch out.

Also, we have to stick with Drew Stubbs, a lock from our predictions last year. He’s a bit a of a dark horse at this point, but Drew can draw a crowd. You design his bobble around the catch he made in the clinch game last season, and you’ll have Reds fans chomping at the bit for tickets.

Throw Us A Bone
Ted Kluszewski. Let’s do this. For real. The man has a statue in the front yard of the ball park! Who do we have to talk to? For realzies.

1961 Anniversary
2011 is the 40th anniversary of the ’61 Reds team that lost the World Series to the Yankees. A great team, lead by the great Fred Hutchinson. It would be neat-o if the the Reds lined up a tribute to the ’61 team with a bobblehead of a player from the roster. Alas, we don’t see this one in the cards. The obvious choice, Frank Robinson, has already had his time in the Reds bobblehead spotlight. There are a handful of other Reds from that season that would peek our interest, but prolly not enough for the Reds to make it happen. Seeing Jim O’Toole, Jim Maloney, Bob Purkey from the pitching staff would be awesome. Vada Pinson could give Frank some company on our bookshelves. Gus Bell or Wally Post would get us fired up too. A Leo Cardenas bobblehead would compete with the Sean Casey bobblehead for nicest Reds player with a bobblehead – EVER.

Only When Mike Brown Hires a GM
We would like to see this dual bobblehead: Joey Votto and Charlie Manuel hugging it out. It just seems fitting that after last year’s All-Star Game snub that if those guys can get past it, so should the fans. A bobblehead commemorating that very moment would be a cherished keepsake for maybe, like, a few folks.

Who’s Out?
With Aroldis Chapman getting the Action Figure promo (7/16/11), we have to think that the Cuban Missile will have to shelf the bobblehead idea for at least a season. Let’s talk next year.

Sparky Anderson would also be a great choice. But, he’s getting a promo of his own in the form of a bronze statue (5/14/11). Good deal – you’ll see us there.

Thanks for listening to us ramble on again about bobbleheads. Let us know what you think. Who should be immortalized on dusty basement shelves across Greater Cincinnati for decades to come with a ceramic likeness of… yeah. While you’re at it, here is theThe history of Reds SGA bobbleheads.


  1. Jonny Gomes in that plaid suit, people would be fighting each other for that one.

  2. Tonester5No Gravatar

    Pretty darn close. Send me one, how much? LOL RT @OMGreds Bobble Barometer

  3. scrappyred1No Gravatar

    @OMGreds again, I must thank you for the giggle…a bathrobe wearing Gomes bobblehead….BRING IT!! add opt. goggles for season tkt holders!

  4. @scrappyred1 Glad ya like the robe idea. Kinda creepy in one way, kinda fun in another.

  5. scrappyred1No Gravatar

    @OMGreds done in the right way, totally FUN! :)

  6. RobNo Gravatar

    gomes in goggles and robe is a must

  7. ArtNo Gravatar

    Yeah, with a Chia mohawk

  8. JSNo Gravatar

    Big Klu is my most wanted Reds bobblehead. A friend gave me a HUGE framed pic of him recently for the Reds room.

    I think of current players Cueto may have the best chance (but the brawl may get in his way). I’m not surprised there isn’t a Gold Glove set with the trio already having bobbleheads the last few years.

    That said, while I may wish for Klu…

    I think they are going to do Coco Cordero. I don’t know why…he has little fan following…but it is possible.

    If not, Cueto and Stubbs.

    I could almost see…. ::shudder:: a Dusty bobblehead.

  9. JSNo Gravatar

    Oh…and is it too early to predict the 2012 Bobbleheads?

    My thoughts:

    Barry Larkin Hall of Fame Bobblehead
    Aroldis Chapman Bobblehead
    Devin Mesorasco Rookie of the Year Bobblehead (BOLD prediction…)

  10. JTNo Gravatar

    I’m not a big bobblehead collector (I only have 3 Reds…Bruce, Sabo, and a Mr. Red that was a credit card application freebie), but wouldn’t mind to get a Klu.

  11. p819No Gravatar

    I’ve been emailing the Reds for 5 years every off season to to give Big Klu his due. A Wally Post bobber would melt my heart.

  12. DanNo Gravatar

    @JS: Yes! Love the 2012 predictions!

    @JT I remember those Mr. Red bobbleheads from the CC applications.

    @All: Not sure what we need to do to get a Klu bobblehead. We might just have to march down to GABP and talk to Bob and Phil about that one.

  13. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Is it possible to do Gomes bobblehead with an accessory pack? It could come with an interchangable uniform, bathrobe, plaid suit with baseball cap, goggles and sombrero. I would seriously take vacation from work and stand in line for that.

  14. DanNo Gravatar

    @Brooke That is a fantastic idea. Heck, the Reds should just to a G.I. Joe version of Jonny Gomes. Also, mail-in 5 UPC codes from the packages and you get a free Sargent Slaughter decked out in a 1986 Reds uniform.

  15. BryanNo Gravatar

    If you look at the schedule on they now have the other ones listed: July 2:Dusty Baker Bobblehead Free bobblehead of the Reds manager featuring a toothpick holder.
    July 23:Jonny Gomes Bobblehead Free bobblehead of the Reds slugger adjusting his batting helmet.
    No pictures yet.

  16. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    @Bryan Thanks! Looks like we need to update our post…

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