One take about the shortstop NON-controversy

Plenty of Edgar Renteria discussion on Twitter today, and the story has gone from Renteria reportedly telling that he’ll be the Reds’ new full-time shortstop to Dusty telling John Fay there’s no controversy here and both guys will play.

From Fay’s blog post:

While Renteria reportedly told that he’s the Reds ‘full-time’ shortstop, Baker wasn’t willing to commit to that. Asked if he considered Renteria or Paul Janish the starter, Baker said:

“I don’t know. We don’t have a quarterback controversy at short. Everybody plays on my team. They’re both going to play. Janish is younger. Edgar is more experienced. Janish deserves a chance to be my shortstop.”

“You’ve got to have two shortstops,” he said. “Both are capable.”

I like that Dusty said what he said, out of respect for Janish. It’s easy enough for Dusty to say this because, quite frankly, one guy could stink it up during the spring and the other guy could hit .500 and the decision is made for him. It’s almost a “We’ll cross that bridge …” answer on Dusty’s part that doesn’t alienate anyone (except maybe Renteria, just a little, for jumping to the conclusion that he’ll be the starter). And the fact of the matter is Dusty really doesn’t need to commit to one guy or the other right now. And he IS right: Both guys WILL play if they’re healthy. He doesn’t say how much both guys will play, and he doesn’t need to.

I’d guess the Reds probably wish Renteria wouldn’t have said anything about being the full-time shortstop. It makes you wonder whether they told him he’ll be the starter but asked him not to say anything. It’s more likely that they told him he’ll have a shot at starting or the job is his to lose, which, like I said, is pretty much the case.


  1. I think the quote actually says that he’ll get the “opportunity to be a full-time shortstop”. I’m guessing the Reds said he’s in the running, but so is Janish. The Reds are probably the only contending team that would give him that much of a shot since most teams are fairly set at shortstop.

  2. JTNo Gravatar

    I’m tired of how the Reds are treating Janish. He proved himself during the regular season last year, and said that he would be the starter when OCab left (and it’s about time he left!)…and now they’re letting some over-the-hill former Jocketty guy come in for the job.

    When are we hiring LaRussa and McGwire?

  3. DCNo Gravatar

    Good point, Joel. Yeah, we may be making a bigger deal out of it than it is because of what happened to Janish when they signed Cabrera. Or because it’s been a pretty uneventful offseason for the Reds. Or both.

  4. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    Can we just shorten it to “Nontroversy”?


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