Sparky Anderson Bronze Statue

Sparky Anderson Bronze Statue

Not sure why we’re posting this, since OMGreds knows ya’ll are getting the Reds promotional scoop over at Keisewetter’s column in the E-N-Q. Buuuuut… for poops and chuckles we’ll post it anyways.

To yer right is a your 2011 Sparky Anderson replica statue. Lookin’ good, eh? It’s a miniature version of the full-size Sparky Anderson statue that proudly stands in the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. The Reds will be giving away mini-Sparkys to the first 20,000 fans through the turnstiles on Saturday, May 14. It’ll make a nice addition to your mantle, right next to your Joe Nuxhall bronze statue you picked up in 2008.

Kiese gets into the details of a few other promotions, including this year’s bobbleheads. But what we found most interesting was the way the Reds are enhancing their annual team baseball card set. Random team sets will include a “premium insert.” As described by the Reds, this could be a gold or silver foil card. Sounds pretty cool to us. No word on if those special insert cards are parallels, serial numbered or how big the production runs might be. We’ll try and get the scoop for all you cardboard aficionados out there. Snag a team team set for yourself on Sunday April 17 when the Reds take on the Pirates of Allegheny County. If your curious, here’s a peak at the 2010 Reds team set.

UPDATE: Reds communications manager, Jarrod Rollins, has indicated to us that plans for the team baseball card set are not final at this point, and whether the inserts will be random or in every pack is still undecided. The great news is that no matter which way it goes, the baseball card set will be an upgrade compared to years past. We’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Also of note is the weekend of July 15-17. An Aroldis Chapman Action Figure giveaway on Saturday is the centerpiece of “Super Hero Weekend” that also includes “super hero-themed” fireworks on Friday and a “super hero cape” for kiddos 14 and under on Sunday.

We know you ya’ll want that cape.

All Reds promotions can be found right here.

By the way, this is the best part of the Keise column, right next to the photo of the Sparky’s statue…

Reds promotions: See the complete list of promotions at Put your cursor on “schedule,” and click on “promotions & giveaways.”

Cursor. ha!


  1. SigmaChi1219No Gravatar

    @OMGreds Isn’t it funny how a free little thing like that gets us all so pumped? #Sparky

  2. JTNo Gravatar

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but most of those don’t get me excited at all. I’m in for Sparky, Votto, Chapman (will it actually be an *action* figure this year?), and the baseball cards. But Baker? Give me a break. Gomes I can understand, but I won’t go to the game just for that.

  3. RedlegRapNo Gravatar

    RT @OMGreds: Sparkuesque… #Reds

  4. RedlegRapNo Gravatar

    RT @OMGreds: Sparkuesque… #Reds

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