It’s with a bit of sadness that we announce we’re taking a break here at OMGreds. No, no, not an April Fools prank this time around, we’re being quite honest. With all the excitement around the start of spring training and Reds games at GABP seemingly right around the corner, it’s a little tough to announce this now, but it’s for the best. To state our reason simply, it’s to focus on family and simplify our daily lives. We’re certain you understand.

This is post is titled “Pause”, and we do mean that. We may be back. We may not. We may be back in a different form. Who knows. We don’t. At least right now we don’t. What we do know is we’re still pretty crazy for our Reds and you’ll see us around GABP all season long.

A few things of note:

Twitter: We’ll be keeping @OMGreds open and you’ll see us pop in on occasion.

We started this blog back in January, 2008 to chronicle our obsession with the Reds, our trips to the ballpark, poke fun at our favorite Reds of the ’80s and just raise a small ruckus for laughs and comradere. To make the small dent in the Reds blogosphere that we have was a heck of a surprise and a whole lot of fun. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it more than you’ll ever know.

Thank you to all the folks that we have met over the past few years. We’ll certainly be seeing you again.

We want to give a huge shout out to our skillets at Red Reporter, Redleg Nation, Chris Sabo’s Goggles, WHACKreds, Reds Country, Blog Red Machine, C. Trent Rosecrans, Big League Stew and any other blogs and websites that has linked to us, given us a shout or corrected our spelling.

Many, many thanks to our homies at the Reds. They are some of the nicest folks we have ever met and have been so great to us. Michael Anderson, Lisa Braun, Jamie Ramsey, Karen Forgus, Charley Frank, Jarrod Rollins… and at the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum, Rick Walls, Chris Eckes, Chelsea Theaker and Colin Ethier. Also, a huge shout to Brian Blinn with the Reds Summer Wiffle Classic. Thank you so much.

Again a huge THANK YOU to everyone from all of us.

– Dan, Dave, Paul, Rob and Ronson


  1. bltsports25No Gravatar

    @OMGreds you’ll be missed. I’ve found out about many upcoming events thanks to the links on your blog

  2. whitestripesnetNo Gravatar

    @OMGreds Hope to see you back soon. Always enjoyed your tweets and blog posts!

  3. @bltsports25 Thanks so much! Glad we could help out. We were always searching for that stuff too.

  4. @whitestripesnet Thanks so much, it means a lot :)

  5. Samlau53No Gravatar

    @OMGreds you’ll be missed. Enjoy the family time :)

  6. amyeditressNo Gravatar

    OMG :( Completely understand, but will miss your posts. RT @OMGreds Pause

  7. AmyPerry04No Gravatar

    @OMGreds totally understand. I will miss your posts, but will see you around…if you need anything let me know..Blessings to you all

  8. Amy PerryNo Gravatar

    HUGS to all of you

  9. Hope to see you guys return soon. You provide a much needed lighter side to the Reds blogsphere. Thanks for the link and your website in general.

  10. @samlau53 Thanks so much :)

  11. @amyeditress Thanks so much!

  12. @amyperry04 Thanks, Amy. We’ll see you around the ballpark.

  13. BennyClineNo Gravatar

    @OMGreds OMG, OMGReds on a break??! Seriously though, love the blog. We’ll all try to keep the Reds Randomness alive and well. #BestOfLuck

  14. Sorry to hear that another reporter is out. I was booted off my web page too. Tweeting is working out just fine.

  15. Wiffleguy09No Gravatar


  16. SteveFNo Gravatar

    I really enjoyed the blog and sorry to see you guys take a break.
    Good luck and have a great baseball season.

  17. scrappyred1No Gravatar

    @OMGreds wishing you guys all the best during your “pause”! You’ll be missed! :)

  18. @scrappyred1 Thank you so much! Always fun chatting with you on Twitter.

  19. @BennyCline Thanks so much, Ben :)

  20. You guys are awesome! Best of luck and I hope to see you at GABP soon.

  21. jimmyNo Gravatar

    Nooooo!!!! What am I supposed to do now read mo eggers crappy blog.thanks though for the run and hope to this thing start back up one day. And also another thanks to Dan for posting my video of the cival rights game homeplate out to end the game.

  22. I still think this is an April fool’s joke. You’ve fooled me before.

    Hope the pause is a short one, guys.

    (In the meantime, I know a guy that’s willing to pay for some design help on his blog if you are interested. You know how to reach me.)

  23. BrookeNo Gravatar

    Best of luck! I’ll miss the posts, but I totally understand how much time it takes to run a website-I did one for years and had to quit when it took over my life.

    I hope to see you all back sometime in the future, whenever that may be!

  24. YOUareELECTRICNo Gravatar

    @OMGreds I know I’m late to the party, but I’m really going to miss the hilarious insights, and beautiful ballpark food concoctions

  25. @youareelectric Thanks so much!

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