Stirrups? Yes please.

Mike Leake with the stirrups

This is correct.

Mike Leake with the stirrups


Mike Leake came back from his short stint in AAA with something to prove on the mound, but also some new hosiery stylings. We don’t exactly know why Mike decided to dig his stirrups out of the bottom of the sock drawer for tonights game, but we do know that he’s looking good, and when you look good, you play good.

This isn’t the first time Mike has been spotted taking it back to the old school in a Reds uniform. Before his MLB debut, he appeared in the 2009 Arizona Fall League All-Star game and broke out the stirrups. We were jazzed, of course.

This may be the first Reds stirrup sighting this season. Now, let’s not confuse stirrups with high socks, folks. While the high-sock is respectable, the stirrup is in a whole other category. A very “cool” and/or “neat” category is you ask us. Last year we saw some stirrupin’ from Orlando “Florida” Cabrera, Johnny “Rotten” Cueto and during the 2009 season, Joey “Ramon” Votto. Did we miss anyone? Oh… us.

Gotta say though, Mike has certainly worn them the best.

Long live the stirrup.


  1. ctrNo Gravatar

    you know, i know phillips wore high socks once, but don’t think he went full stirrup

    a coincidence that leake throws his best game? i don’t think so

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    For sure, not a coincidence.

  3. TCNo Gravatar

    Now, just add the black shoes.

  4. Wiffleguy09No Gravatar

    Not sure what gets me more geeked up…the old school stirrups (nice find gents…I didn’t notice while I was watching!) or the fact that the OMG boys are back in the saddle?!

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