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Redlegs Run

If you make regular rounds on popular Reds blogs, you have heard about this year’s Inaugural Blog Jog at the Redlegs Run on Saturday, June 11. The past few years we’ve laced up our buddies and gotten after it for 3.1 miles in hopes of glory and dehydration. This year will be no different. Well, except for that whole “Blog Jog” thing. That does make it different. The potential dehydration will be no different.

So, how can you participate?

After registering for the Redlegs Run at (online registration is closed, but other opportunities are available), please shoot an email to and let the Reds know you will be taking part in the event. Make sure you let them know what blog you are supporting too! There is no additional fee to participate.

Blogs willing to Jog

Participating blogs:

So, how do I register for the race now?!

You can register at any of the packet pick-ups:

  • Saturday, June 4: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
    Fleet Feet Sports – corner of Kenwood and Cooper roads in Blue Ash (513-793-8383)
  • Thursday, June 9: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    Great American Ball Park – Crosley Terrace, corner of Second Street and Joe Nuxhall Way
  • Friday, June 10: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
    Great American Ball Park – Crosley Terrace, corner of Second Street and Joe Nuxhall Way
  • Saturday, June 11 (race morning): 6 a.m.
    Great American Ball Park – Gate 3, Pete Rose Way

What’s in it for you?

Blog Jog attendees will be invited to a pre-race gathering at the ballpark, where we will award prizes for best signs, shirts, and costumes/outfits. We’ll take tons of photos and try to drum up some other perks, as well. We are also going to work on a post-race gathering place off-site for our group.

Nice! Those “other perks” sound intruirging, don’t they? Wonder if the Reds have any Wily Mo Pena bobbleheads kicking around in storage?

Tell you what, no need to show OMGreds fandom on your person. It’s all good. We know you love us. We’ll do this though: Bring us the most rediculous Reds baseball card you have, and are willing to give up. We’ll trade you a little OMGreds swag for it. It’s like a swap meet! A Mini-Mall! Flea Market!

As for the Redlegs Run, if you are on the fence about running, walking or even being down there, take it from us, it’s worth it. Collectively, OMGreds has run dozens and dozens of marathon, half-marathons, 5k and all races in-between. The Redlegs Run is one of the best run races in town and boasts a fantastic post race party. We ran the inaugural one in 2001 and we keep coming back – it gets better every year. Also, it BLOWS AWAY the Bengals 5k held last fall. It can’t even hold a candle to Redlegs Run.

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