Ryan Hanigan at the Green Diamond

Ryan Hanigan speaks at the Green Diamond Gallery

Ryan Hanigan speaks at the Green Diamond Gallery

It’s always a treat to get an invite to the Green Diamond Gallery, if just to grab a beer and stare at all the amazing memorabilia that Bob Crotty has acquired during his lifetime. It’s truly amazing – you’re probably heard that at least a million times.

We made the trip on Thursday to hear current Cincinnati Red, Ryan Hanigan, speak to the Green Diamond’s Silver Slugger members. Ryan did not disappoint. He took us all though his baseball journey so far, going from a 2nd string catcher in high school, to college, the Cape Cod league and getting into pro baseball as an undrafted free agent. To say the least, he’s had a long, tough road to the big leagues. We’ve always like Ryan and appreciated him for his style of play and how he’s handled a pretty talented Reds pitching staff. After his talk, we like him even more. He’s a humble, yet determined player, still playing the game with the same chip on his shoulder that has kept him fighting for playing time his entire career.

After Ryan talked about his career path, he answered dozens of questions from the members, ranging from how you catch a guy that throws 105 MPH to last season’s braw with the Cardinals. While he didn’t get into too many details with the Reds’ touchy relationship with the Cardinals, he was quite candid with his answers and very informative about catching, handling pitchers and life in the big leagues. You never know how some of these guys will do in front of a room full of baseball nerds, but Ryan was fantastic. You can tell he commands respect from the other end of the battery on any given night and from all his teammates.

If there was anything that we wanted to know about Ryan that didn’t come up, it was his thoughts on his post-baseball career. Would he be interested in coaching? Managing? A life outside of baseball? While it’s always neat to get an inside view of baseball from a big leaguer, we always like knowing what makes them tick off the field. We all have interests outside our jobs right?

Thanks to the Green Diamond for having us. It’s always a pleasure. Brest of luck to Ryan this season and beyond. He’s got some big fans here at OMGreds.

Not the we’ll do the Green Diamond Gallery any justice, here are a few photos we snapped that night.


  1. I just wanted to say that this is a great article about Ry. I’ve known and been best friends with Ry now for the past 27yrs and this article exemplifies Ryan to a T. He’s a great athlete, good enough to be where he is today, but he’s an even greater friend and person in general. You can tell that the philosophy he was studying at Rollins College has paid off. Good for you Ry, keep lacing the ball and hopefully you can help bring Cinci a title.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Jeff – Thanks so much for your comment! It’s great to hear that about Ryan. It’s fun to root for a great player, even better to root for a great person.

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