Johnny Bench! Superstar!

Johnny Bench rockin' out to Jesus Christ Superstar

Where's my iPod?

This item caught our eye over on UniWatch today – An eBay auction of a photo of Johnny Bench chillin’ in his pad rockin’ out to early Andrew Lloyd Webber. We imagine that this photo was taken in 1970 or ’72. Jesus Christ Superstar (the rock opera) came out 1970 and photographer Jack Klumpe took photos of the Reds for the Cincinnati Post through 1972.

There are a TON of other Reds images up for auction by the same seller. Some fun stuff in there.

No matter though, we were just mesmerized by JB’s shoes… and his hi-fi set up. We were also pleased to learn that he was a big chess fan. Er… a fan of BIG CHESS.

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