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Introducing the #stacheshirt

The Stached One, Corky Miller, dopped a Tweet the other day eluding to this t-shirt design and where he could get one. This, of course, lead us to wonder where we could get one too. Turns out, our skillets over at Reds Facts did this t-shirt up a while back, but were basically out-of-stock. With the renewed interest stemming from Corky’s tweet, new shirts are bring printed – even a purple edition just for Louisville Bats fans. Kick ass! Make sure you get your pre-order in ASAP as shirts are being sent to the printer Thursday, June 9th.

While your at it, get this shirt too.

Real mascots have mustaches

A shirt after the hearts of OMGreds everywhere


  1. are you guys selling the mascot mustache shirt?

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Both shirts are for sale on redsfacts.com

  3. JNo Gravatar

    Will someone please help me? I tried to add a shirt to my cart, but when I click add to cart, nothing happens. I thought maybe I should create an account, but when I submit my email and username, once again nothing happens! What in the heck do I have to do to so I can buy a dang shirt?

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Yo, J – You’ll want to hit up Reds Facts for help. We are not handling the t-shirt sales in any way. Not sure what the best course of action is for you. Good luck!

  5. JNo Gravatar

    I know Dan, I just thought someone here might know something about it. Sorry!

  6. DanNo Gravatar

    No problem at all. Sorry we can’t be of more help! :)

  7. Hey J,

    Send me an email (redsfacts at gmail dot com) and I can help you out.

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