Johnny 5 is alive

Let me start by saying I was beyond thrilled to learn that I would be receiving a series of five Johnny Bench bobbleheads as part of my Reds Hall of Fame membership.

And it’s not my intention to nitpick because I think they did a nice job with the first two bobbleheads. But of course I had to set them side-by-side and observe/compare.

A lot of people want to talk about the dimple in Bench bobble No. 2 that Bench bobble No. 1 doesn’t have. I don’t see it as a big deal; I figure there are dimples that show up in some pictures that don’t in others.

The thing that stood out to me most with Bench bobble No. 2 is the throwing hand. The hand is missing two fingers (ring and pinky) and the other fingers are more like talons than fingers. Teen Wolf-esque. And the ball kind of melts into the Teen Wolf throwing hand, as if maybe he used his hand to grab a piece of birthday cake instead of a baseball.

The hands on Bench bobble No. 1 are much better defined.

Anyone else notice? Or is it just my bobble?

Am I the kid who gets a birthday gift he really wanted and then complains about it? Yes, it would appear that way. Please don’t mistake me for ungrateful, I’m really not. I dig both bobbles. Just struck me as worth mentioning.


  1. DanNo Gravatar

    Nice ’89 Topps Mike Diaz.

    I’m pretty impressed with the quality of this bobblehead series. I kinda wish they were a bit crappier, actually. You know, to seem like a real freebie? They’re nice.

    And yes, you are that kid ;)

  2. SteveFNo Gravatar

    The throwing hand on mine is the same. I guess it’s a hit or miss on the paint
    job, but yours looks good. The paint job on the Marge Schott bobblehead from
    last season is excellent. I guess the next one is Johnny holding 7 baseballs so
    he’ll need all 5 fingers for that.

  3. DaveNo Gravatar

    Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.

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