BP Wristband Update

Brandon Phillips signing an autograph on 6/14/11

Brandon Phillips signing an autograph on 6/14/11 and showing off his fancy wristbands (Photo: Marco Velazquez)

Brandon Phillip's wristband

Brandon Phillip's wristband - ZOOMED! (Photo: Marco Velazquez)

You’ve been waiting on pins and needles for this update, right? Yeah, right.

One of our awesome Twitter followers, Marco Velazquez (@Liltigers), snapped the above pic with Brandon Phillips not only sporting today’s 1944 throwback uniform, but also one of the best shots we’ve seen of his personalized wristbands. We had to share it with y’all!

From what we’ve seen, BP has at least three different variations of wristbands, all bearing his mug, but in different colors – Red, red with a white box, grey, and possibly white. The white ones we noticed may have been just grey.

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