Golden Grooming

If you follow Sam LeCure and/or Corky Miller on Twitter, you are quite aware of the Golden Groomer Award. No surprise to Reds fans, Corky Miller and his impeccable fu manchu won the inaugural Groomer. He is the best Corky of all-time, afterall.

Created by Nadia Dajani of Caught Off Base with Nadia, the Golden Groomer Award is a monthly prize given to the ballplayer with the fanciest, bushiest, Rolliest and goldenest facial grooming. All MLB and MiLB players are eligible for this prestigious award.

Competition for this month’s Golden Groomer will be heating up soon. Our man, Mr. LeCure, along with a few other mustached big leaguers will certainly be running neck and neck (or lip and lip… eww!) for for the next award.

OMGreds caught up with Nadia and got the down low on whole Golden Groomer Award for ya.

OMGreds: So, how did the whole Golden Groomer Award come about?

Nadia Dajani: The idea was all Sam’s actually. I can’t remember if we were chatting or texting but, as much as my Diet Coke-laced memory serves, Sam was saying he had reached out to John Axford via Twitter, giving him the ‘NL Player-with-best-stache award’ that week. So Sam and I were talking and he told me that he was thinking of making it a weekly award. My only contribution was the name – Golden Groomer Award – that was mine. Sam was gonna give the award once he saw the stache’s up close, with players from opposing teams coming through town. He said I could help ‘judge’. Then I realized that it would make a great episode for my show “Caught Off Base with Nadia” so I asked Sam if I could film it and he thought that was a great idea. He eventually thought it’d be best if I took over the whole thing, makes it easier for him to be eligible.

OMG: You dig facial hair?

Nadia: Ha! I guess sometimes I do. I thought I was going to grow up and marry Ron Guidry so I guess I was into a nice stache at a young age :)

OMG:What fellas were in the running for the first award?

Nadia: All players, in both leagues, were in the running and still are.

OMG:Our man, Corky Miller won the first award. His fu manchu is practically flawless. You can’t even look directly at it without your face melting. Did he win by a landslide?

Nadia: He won by a landslide. That stache should really have its own award though, the Golden Groomer doesn’t really do it justice.

OMG: When is the next round of Golden Groomer to judged and awarded?

Nadia: The award is given on the 1st of every month through October of this year.

Corky Miller won the inaugural Golden Groomer Award

Corky Miller - #staching

OMG: You designed and created the Golden Groomer Award, which Corky Miller is proudly wearing in the photo on the right. Can you describe your creative inspiration? Was a blow torch involved in any way?

Nadia: Ha! No blow torch. I originally sent Sam a pic of a gold razor I found on the interwebs, and we both thought that was pretty funny. But I wanted to be super goofy and creative (when I’m bored on set in between takes this is what amuses me). Here’s the story and y’all are the first ones to hear it: I found a Canadian company online that had these funny little mustache pins, only they were sold out and no longer for sale. I wrote to the company and asked if they’d consider making more as I needed 5 total. A woman wrote back right away and said she’d do it, then I had to ask that they be made without the pins on back, she said yes. With the mustaches being made in Canada, I went on a search for custom medals that were big enough and with a flat/smooth back. I found a company that would put a different month on each award (normally they want all the medals to be the same in such a small order). Both packages arrived a day apart and now I was on the hunt for gold nail polish that had to be JUST RIGHT. I found some and then painstakingly painted each award myself. With some Krazy Glue it was all ready! I’m so happy with how the award came out, very proud.

OMG: We’re rooting for Sam LeCure to bring home the next Golden Groomer. Do you have any tips for him? What will put his grooming over-the-top?

Nadia: I have no tips as each stache has its own flair. Sam’s is growing in very nicely and I’ll need him to send me a pic of it a few days before July 1st so I can see how its grown. Points are given for lots of different things but I love creativity and humor! I won’t say who but a certain player who was very close to winning, decided to take his stache in a different direction a few days before June 1st. It was still in the growing-out phase and therefore fell out of the running (he knows who he is).

OMG: We really dig what you’re doing with Caught off Base. Can you give our readers an insight into what you do, and where to catch you?

Nadia: Thanks so much! I’m an actor and starting this show made me very nervous as I’ve never addressed a camera before. I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life, even played Little League. I had the idea and knew a couple of players and asked if they’d be into it. I’ve basically gotten almost every interview because the player has so much fun doing it, they usually help me to get someone else. And now that the show has some traction, players are super into doing it. This past spring training, I sold a show kind of like it but for kids, to Disney. I reached out to a bunch of players who came and did goofy things with me like tap dancing and playing charades, it was nice that they trusted me so much, and most of us have remained friends. I’ve worked really hard in editing to make sure I never make a player look bad, I never ask anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself, and I don’t swear (total dork) so I think they’ve all realized that it’s more about the fans seeing them do things and answering questions you’d never hear them be asked at the ballpark. The show brings me so much joy, seriously is so fun for me, and I think they can pick up on that right away. There are 20 episodes so far and I try to put out one a month, they can be found at

Thanks to Nadia for being so gracious with her time and answering a few questions for us. Make sure you catch her on Twitter (@caughtoffbase) and of course, at

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