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New GABP Urinals

At a Reds game recently we noticed that plumbing in select men’s received upgrades. The urinals are KOHLER’s Steward® waterless urinal K-4918. Not only do they look great, they eliminate the “splash zone” and save a ton of water. Most importantly, we found the user experience quite nice.

Some info:

KOHLER waterless urinals conserve thousands of gallons of water per fixture per year, and:

  • Significantly reduce sewage and maintenance costs
  • Provide outstanding performance
  • Feature innovative, stylish characteristics that integrate a natural ellipse with an architectural feel

The result is a fresh, sleek design not found in traditional urinals.

Kudos to the Reds and GABP. Those are great pots to piss in.

Alternate Headlines
We had a few other headlines in the kitty…

Urine for a treat at GABP
GABP heads in a green direction
A fancier pot to piss in
Waterless urinal leaves bone dry
GABP looks out for number one
Wee approve
Hey, bladder, bladder, bladder — PEEEEE, BLADDER!
Relief is spelled G-A-B-P
Who took the cake?
GABP upgrade makes little splash
Evers Tinkle Chance
Changes in Leake’s release point
GABP facilities aim higher

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  1. NEVER seen those! Outstanding work gentlemen. I’m looking forward to using the “john” at a future Reds game!

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