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1936 Cincinnati Tigers

1936 Cincinnati Tigers

Reds fans will get another throwback treat tonight as Milwaukee host’s their 6th Annual Negro Leagues Tribute Game. Both teams will be wearing throwback uniforms honoring Negro League teams from their respective cites, the Milwaukee Bears and the Cincinnati Tigers.

From the

In tribute to one of the greatest baseball traditions ever established in sports, the two teams will honor the legendary Negro Leagues and its players by wearing vintage uniforms from the Milwaukee Bears and Cincinnati Tigers Negro Leagues teams.

1937 Cincinnati Tigers jersey

Tigers jersey from Ebbets Field Flannels

The Cincinnati Tigers actually wore second-hand uniforms from the Reds during their short 4-year (1934-37) history. So the Reds will essentially be wearing their own 1930s road uniform design. The jersey to the right is one of our favorite items from Ebbets Field Flannels, who specialize in exact reproductions of vintage jerseys.

We dug the simplicty of the 1944 uniforms that the Reds wore against the Dodgers on June 15, but these 1930’s era uniforms should be even better. Hopefully a uniform change will inspire a win tonight… our boys need one.


  1. AniRayne33No Gravatar

    I hope all of the players wear high socks too!

  2. JTNo Gravatar

    You know what would be really cool? If they went to something like this full-time. I cannot stand the current uniforms.

  3. SwatchNo Gravatar

    I must say… this may be one of the best looking throwback combinations I’ve seen. The ‘Tigers’ jerseys look great, the Bears jerseys look just spectacular and everyone is wearing high socks… Classy AND Stylish!

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Oh yeah, both teams are lookin’ great tonight. Fun game to watch.

    JT – I hear ya, but I like that uniforms like these get only come out for special occasions. I actually would prefer a modern look for the Reds day-to-day. I really do like the current set of Reds uniforms – Just my opinion though :)

    AniRayne33 & Swatch – Not stirrups, but we’ll totally take the high socks. Looks great.

  5. JTNo Gravatar

    Dan, I think it’s the font used for the letters and numbers that I don’t really like. It just looks….I don’t know, weird?

    I think if they used the Red batting practice jerseys for away games, I would be okay with that. The script has really grown on me.

    But the font for the numbers and letters used on the back of the home jersey and “Cincinnati” on the away jersey just bother me..

  6. DanNo Gravatar

    I hear ya, JT. I know a few other people that feel the same way. It grew on me pretty quickly, and I think it give us a more distinct look than the typeface used on the last set of away uniforms.

    I actually really love the script on the BP jerseys. But, only on BP jerseys.

  7. Phillip DoyleNo Gravatar

    Is one if the 1936 Cincinnati tigers where a brother of josh gibson

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