And looked good doing it, too!

Joey Votto in a 1937 Cincinnati Tigers replica uniform

Joey Votto in a 1937 Cincinnati Tigers replica uniform

OMG. That game was beautiful. From a uniform standpoint, that is. Kudos to the Brewers for pulling off each team’s respective uniforms so exceptionally well during their 6th Annual Negro League Tribute Game. The Brewers donned uniforms from the 1923 Milwaukee Bears and the Reds from the 1936-37 Cincinnati Tigers.

Someone was paying attention to the details – check out the centered belt loop on the Reds’ pants, placed just as it was back in the day. The typeface used for Reds’ numbers was beautiful. Plus, check out the pockets and belt loops! Oh, and those hats! The size of that “crest c” is ginormous, but that’s how they were.

Props to each team for wearing high socks. No, they’re not stirrups, but in today’s game, it’s a big win. We imagine that was a requirement for each team, as all players on both teams had their pants cropped short. Except for Champman’s, for some reason.

If you missed it, here’s the Tweet from @DatdudeBP with him and Fred Lewis doing some modeling before the game. Swag? Swag.

Best part of the game? The Reds got back on track and beat the Brewers 8-4 in 10 innings. Woo!

Check out the photo gallery on Cincinnati.Com for last night’s game to get a better look at the umm… look.

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