Reds Negro League throwback pants on sale at the Reds Team Shop

Reds Negro League throwback pants on sale at the Reds Team Shop

Like many, OMGreds was curious about the fabric used for the Reds and Brewers uniforms from the July 9th Negro League Tribute game. Many guessed that both teams were actually wearing full-on flannel uniforms. We figured not, but you never know. So, we were down at the Reds Team Shop today and they had game-used pants from that game on sale. We confirmed that the uniforms were indeed synthetic, modern materials, not flannel. The material was designed to look like flannel from a distance. AIS Custom Uniform Company handled the manufacturing, as they have for other throwback games, movies and more.

While the Team Shop had pants, no jerseys were available. We hear through the grapevine that the Reds Community Fund will be auctioning off a small handful of them starting Monday on FYI, we have not confirmed that with the Reds or the Community Fund.

If your into nabbing one for free, Better Off Red, Featuring Jamie Ramsey and the
Rama Lama Ding Dong?s, will be giving one away very soon. Limited details, and a great shot of the jersey available right here. Good luck!

Some other quick photos we snapped of the pants.

Reds Negro League throwbacks made by AIS

Reds Negro League throwbacks made by AIS

Reds Negro League throwback pants - fabric and belt loops

Reds Negro League throwback pants - fabric and belt loops

While we would love to own a game-used jersey from this game, if we were going to purchase this look at retail, we would nab this flannel version from Ebbets Field Flannels instead.


  1. JTHNo Gravatar

    Any idea how much they were selling those pants for?

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    I only checked a few price tags and they were $125, if I remember correctly.

  3. TMSNo Gravatar

    Dan, I’m new to the Cincinnati area. Just moved here from San Diego. I found your blog through Uni Watch. Do the Reds ever do a garage sale of old game-used items? The Padres have one every February and I’ve been able to get some nice game-used jerseys from fringe-type players. I need some Reds stuff to wear to Reds games, except when San Diego comes to town. Thanks! And cool blog!

  4. The Mets sold their NY Cubans throwbacks and they were also made by AIS..the material really looks pretty cool for a faux flannel.

  5. DanNo Gravatar

    TMS – Glad you like our blog, and welcome to Cincinnati! Yes, the Reds do have a garage sale of sorts. In December, Redsfest is held at the convention center and there is always a ton of game-used items from star and fringe-types for sale, as well as merchandise at a discount. Maybe we’ll see you there?

  6. DanNo Gravatar

    Alan – Those NY Cuban uniforms were fantastic.

  7. Morgan MayhamNo Gravatar

    what about the throwbacks worn the dodgers game this year in LA any of those jerseys or pants for sale? Makes me wondre why the reds havn’t had a retro game this year, for example why did’nt they wear 1961 throwback vest, the day they honored the 61′ team….. some other throwback uni’s love to see would be the 1869 reds, 1919,and the 1995 reds, or 1999 team..

  8. TMSNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the follow-up Dan. Redsfest sounds great. I will definitely be there. I’ll also be at tomorrow’s game (7/30) against the Giants, my first at Great American Ballpark.

  9. DanNo Gravatar

    Morgan – Haven’t heard anything about the ’44 throwbacks used against the Dodgers. LA pulled those off, and we hear they would be auctioning them off online sometime. Not confirmed.

    We had the same thoughts on throwbacks around the time they were honoring the 1961 team. That would have been fun. The Reds did wear throwbacks that would have been very similar to those for the 2009 Civil Rights games. Maybe that’s why they didn’t go down that path… or at least one reason why.

    A home throwback game at least once a season would be fun.

    TMS – No problem! Have a great time at the yard tomorrow night!

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