We’re going to Wiffle House!

OMGmike knows magic

OMGmike knows magic

For the second year in the row, the OMGreds crew broke out the yellow bats and competed in the Reds Community Fund Summer Wiffle Classic. You can check out our wrap-up from 2010 right here.

This year, the field of teams was considerable smaller – 33 compared to 80 the year before. The long waits between games were non-exsistant this time around and we got a heck of a lot of Wiffle in a short amount of time.

OMGreds faired well round-robin session, going 2-2, all games being decided by 2 runs or less. That got us a 14 seed in the tournament. Not bad, but a run here or there in those losses would have bumped us up for sure. In bracket play, we won a very tight first game 1-0. We moved to the second round only to be handed a 5-3 loss against a pretty good Wiffle Ball team. We were up 3-2 after the top of the third inning (we play four), but couldn’t hang on for the win.

Of course, we had a great time. Got our yearly Wiffle in, got a sweat going, drank a ton of Gatorade, got our Big League Chew on, got hugs from Rosie Red, and got a little sun burn. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

The only thing we didn’t get to do was square off against those SABR-toothed nerds over at Red Reporter. Drats! We will someday meet on the field of battle.

Brian Blinn, Director of the Reds Summer Wiffle Classic provided us with breakdown of the tournament and who got invites to play at Redsfest.

33 teams this year
28 Adult teams
5 Youth

Final Four Teams
1. Gasoline Suits
2. Scratch ‘n Wiff
3. Legends
4. Dos Dudes

The Gasoline Suits beat Scratch ‘n Wiff in the finals 3-0

All four teams are invited to Redsfest in December to play another small tourney.

Here are a few photos for ya.

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