Reds HOF 2012

Members of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame during the 2010 Induction Ceremony

Members of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame during the 2010 Induction Ceremony

Voting has begun for the Reds Hall of Fame class of 2012. You can vote up to 25 times per email address right here, or infinity times in person at GABP. Have fun counting those, HALL OF FAME!

The fans will be voting on the Modern Player ballot, consisting of eight former Reds, all who have played in Cincinnati within the last 13 years:

In addition to the Modern Player ballot, Reds Hall of Fame’s Veterans Committee will be selecting additional candidates for the class of 2012. Those candidates’ careers would have wrapped-up more than 13 years ago. More on all that on the Hall of Fame’s website.

We all have our opinions of who should be in the Reds Hall of Fame, right? This is where we tell you all about ours. You can let us know what you think in the comments area… but we don’t guarantee that we actually read those, let alone take them seriously. Try us anyways. What the heck, right?

While you’re at it, these were our picks for the last Reds Hall of Fame class that was voted on in 2009.

Okay, he’s what we’ve got for 2012…


Jeff Brantley

Jeff Brantley

Jeff Brantley, but ONLY if he’s willing to consume a heaping bowl of UDF Homemade ice cream WHILE he’s giving his speech during the induction gala AND if he can somehow work “Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy” into his speech as well.

Hal Morris: This is a no-brainer, as he was my favorite Reds player of the ’90s. I’m totally biased, but in my mind it’s kind of a joke that he’s not ALREADY in the Reds Hall of Fame and it kind of bothers me that the Reds even allow anyone to wear No. 23 (though it looks good on Alonso). In my mind, Hal had 200 hits per season for about five or six consecutive seasons as a Red (even though I’m fully aware he never had a season with more than 165, and he only had 146 the year he came oh so close to winning the batting title). Anyway, what a beautiful stroke he had, and he was an integral part of the ’90 and ’95 teams.

Sean Casey: Another no-brainer. Plus, he’s going to get in this time so why fight it. Not that he’s not deserving, right? I mean all the guy did was hit .305 over eight seasons as a Red. Three-oh-friggin-five!

If Brantley won’t eat the ice cream AND say “Billy, Billy, Billy” during his speech, I’ll take John Franco. Don’t care if he pitched twice as long for the Mets as he did for the Reds and racked up almost twice as many saves. Doesn’t matter. His numbers for the Reds were filthy and he’s deserving.


Hal Morris

Hal Morris

Hal Morris: Like Dave said, a total no brainer. Huge cog in the 90/95 playoff teams.

Sean Casey: The Mayor’s gotta be in. But, he loses a few points in my book for being a total spaz as a broadcaster this season…but I can chalk that up to inexperience and nervousness, which he’ll surely overcome and probably end up be pretty good. I loved Casey’s enthusiasm as a player, but some of the games he’s done this year for FoxSports have been hard to watch. I get it, Sean, you LOVE Skyline Chili. But honestly, I think maybe the reason I don’t like him in the booth is because he sounds like what I would probably sound like if I were in the booth calling a game…getting way too excited, and talking about Skyline all the time.

Paul O’Neill: I actually think Franco deserves it more, but I gotta vote for O’Neill for two reasons: a) I wanna see a bronze statue somewhere of him kicking that ball in from right field, and b) his work on Seinfeld. Which yes, he was with the Yankees then, but whatever.


Sean Casey

Sean Casey

Sean Casey: I might just only vote for The Mayor to save you and me all the trouble. He’s in. For sure. Write the check, cash it and let it rain!

Seriously though, there is no doubt that Sean has the stats to be a lock for the Reds Hall of Fame. On top of that, he was the heart and soul of the Reds during most of his eight seasons in Cincinnati. Then throw in all that he has done for this community through charity work and sprinkle in how he treated the fans of this great baseball city and you have a legend that needs a statue on Crosley Terrace. He was The Mayor. THE MAYOR. Mark Mallory can barely claim that.

Look, the man had a Reds bobblehead, figurine AND a Celebriduck. He must have done something right.

If Sean Casey is not standing on that podium at the Duke Energy center next to Randy Myers and his camouflage sport coat, it will stand as proof that… that… um… er… that… uh… that something is really wrong with this world.

If I did have to pick two more, I’d go with Hal Morris and John Franco. Hal because that dude could flat-out HIT. John Franco just because he was a favorite of mine when I was growing up. Though his trade to the Mets help set up the Nasty Boys, I was a pretty bummed out kid when it happened. You can’t rewrite history, but you could wonder what might have been if he would have stayed in Cincy. Maybe it was for the best.

Speaking of what-ifs, if Danny Graves wouldn’t have been so mis-handled (remember his conversion to a starter?) and his career wouldn’t have flamed out so quickly, I really think he would have garnered some serious consideration. When he was on, it was fun to watch. When he was off… well, yeah… haha. He certainly will go into the Reds Tattoo Hall of Fame.


  1. JSNo Gravatar

    I have a problem with this. None of you voted Graves. You went with popular players. That is a problem with the HOF fan ballot. Graves deserves it more than a lot of people there now…but was never popular so is left out.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    JS – I hear ya.

    I’ve thought about this a lot over the past two years (since the last vote) and I do think that popularity is and should be a factor in the Reds HOF fan vote. Now, this is where things differ from Cooperstown, where popularity should take a major backseat or not be a factor at all. I just believe that statistics should not be the end all, be all of who gets in. Important? Very much so. But, a lot of factors go into a team hall of fame and popularity is certainly one of them, and it should be embraced.

    Now, a guy like Ryan Freel was pretty popular during his time with the Reds. Do I see him getting in? No. There are plenty of examples of popular players that won’t even knock on the door of the HOF. I do think the fans will get it right. Plus, the system is currently set up in a way that the list of players is curated by the Hall of Fame Committee. So, essentially they are not putting anyone on the ballot that they wouldn’t want to see in the Hall… at least that’s belief.

    Chris Sabo is a great example. Greatest numbers in the world? No. Greatest numbers compared to other Reds Hall of Famers? No. Popular? Almost beyond belief. A combination of a good career, Rookie of the Year, World Series title and being a really popular player in Cincinnati got him into the hall, and I believe he deserves it with all those things factored together.

    This intangible quality of meaning something significant to the city warrants attention with this type of Hall of Fame, I believe.

    The Veterans Committee will perform its due diligence to make sure that deserving players from the past will get their due, like Pedro Borbon and Tony Mullane last time around.

    JS, I really do hear you. Danny Graves had a great career with the Reds, but I just don’t see it at the level that Sean Casey had when all things are considered. That said, I was really rooting for him when he attempted his comeback with the Astros a few years ago. Wish he would have made it back.

  3. KenNo Gravatar

    My votes were Sanders, Casey and Franco. I agree that popularity should play some role here, but only Casey and maybe Brantley should get that boost. Sanders is a bit forgotten because he peaked during the strike years, had a bad series against Atlanta in the playoffs, and played for a million teams after he left the Reds, but he was a very good player and a lot of fun to watch.

  4. JTNo Gravatar

    I voted Franco, O’Neill, and Sanders. Of the three, I want Franco to make it the most because I really want a Franco bobblehead.

  5. OMGredsNo Gravatar

    Tell ya what JT, I would love to see a John Franco bobblehead!

  6. Graves blew and still blows

  7. TMSNo Gravatar

    Really great post guys. I loved the Celebriduck reference. I picked up a ballot my last time at Skyline. I voted for Casey, Morris and Reggie Sanders. Sanders because he was a Padre at one point after his good years with the Reds.

    Speaking of those Padres, I’ll be at Great American on Saturday in a bright yellow 1972 Padres road jersey to cheer on my last-place team. Anybody on this blog going to be there?

  8. TMS! I’m a Padre fan too! Are you from Diego? shoot me an email brother…

    I’ll be at the Sunday game

  9. BillNo Gravatar

    Johnny Edwards belongs in the Reds Hall. Veteran’s step up. The vote is supposed to be based on the player’s time with Cincy. From 61-67 the Reds were always competitive and Edwards was a 3x all star and 2x gold glove Catcher. He was also a player rep and A WikiPedia author picked him as the 2nd greatest defensive catcher ever. Besides that I’d say Franco, Morris and Sanders.

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