Really, Brooklyn? Really?

OK, I know you’re world-famous model Brooklyn Decker, wife of Andy Roddick. But are you REALLY reading a book while sitting in (what appears to be) the Diamond Seats? C’mon! Really??

Also, Roddick posted this photo.


  1. TMSNo Gravatar

    I hope Andy enjoyed all those homers the Padres served up tonight!

    Fun night at the ballpark, even as a Padres fan. Except when some Reds fans started throwing peanuts at me and my girlfriend when the score was 13-1 just because I was wearing a Padre jersey and hat. I didn’t get that. We were just sitting there peacefully enjoying the game, and actually rooting for the Reds to break their HR record at GAB. Disheartening.

  2. that is pretty sad. All I know is, people here love their beer….i mean LOVE IT….and it usually makes them do dumb stuff

  3. TMSNo Gravatar

    Wear a Sunday camouflage jersey today at the yard Wiffleguy so that you’re difficult to see! ;-)

  4. hahahahahahahahahaah….great idea! ever since the Bryan Stowe incident, i just go neutral. I have a family to think about!

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