The 5 of Hearts

Sam LeCure - 5 of Hearts

Sam LeCure - 5 of Hearts

Sam LeCure… #63 in your programs, #5 in the the heart suit of your 2011 Reds playing card deck. mrLeCure posted a preview of this Saturday’s promo. Be one of the first 20,000 fans through the turnstiles (“Turnstyles” would be so much cooler, ya know?) and you’ll be set for a winter chock-full of solitaire and 52-pick-up. Given that a set of playing cards contains 52 cards, we’re wondering how extensive the illustrations will be. The entire roster is probably there, and we’d bet a few Hall of Famers (Reds HOF and Baseball HOF) and other notibles will be in there as well.

Any guesses as to the jokers? Hmmm… Wonder if Junior might make an appearance… he was quite the clubhouse pranksta back in the day.

The illustrations in this set looks very similar to the Cincinnati Baseball Heros set that was released a few years ago. Did the same company produce these as well?

Quality giveaway from the Reds, looking forward to this one.


The Reds let us know that 26 current players will be featured in the set – each player getting two cards in the deck. Also, Hero Decks, the folks that produced the Cincinnati Baseball Heroes set, produced the deck to be given away Saturday night. So, there ya go.

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    I have the Heroes set. Would love one of these as well. Hopefully some of the local card shops will have some sets that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m working so I can’t go get one myself.

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