Little Chicken Wing

Joe Morgan - 1973 Topps

Chicken wing... CLICK!

Know for his “Chicken Flap” batting stance routine, Hall of Famer Joe Morgan will be leading the throngs of herrens und frauens in the Chicken Dance next Saturday at Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati.

Synchronize your Swatches and make sure you’re at Fountain Square at 1:30pm Saturday, September 17 for it then that “Little Joe” will be presiding over what has become know as the “World’s Largest Chicken Dance.” Morgan is following in the footsteps of past Chicken Dance luminaries such as Vince Neil, Homer Simpson, Chad Johnson, Verne Troyer and our hero and spiritual advisor, Weird Al Yankovic.

For a list of past Chicken Dance leaders, check this.


  1. DougNo Gravatar

    Is a card with Joe throwing left-handed worth anything?

  2. omgredsNo Gravatar

    Not sure that would make the card worth all that much. Depends on the year, rarity and condition.

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