502?! OMG

We were so impressed by Juan Francisco’s jaw-dropping 502-foot home run in the second inning against the Cubs – the second-longest in GABP history – that we’re considering renaming our site diosmioreds.com. Or maybe even diosmiojuan.com, which also has a ring to it. Both appear to be available.

Francisco’s homer was the first ball to clear the Moon Deck since GABP opened in 2003.

One other thing that probably only annoys me … (and annoys me so little that it’s barely worth mentioning but) … everyone (and by “everyone” I mean Thom with his call of the home run, Tom Groeschen in his game story and the author (or, at least, headline writer) of this post on Yahoo!’s Big League Stew which provides a nice summary that’s worth checking out) insists on referring to the seating area in the Moon Deck as the “bleachers,” which I know is sort of a figure of speech but they really aren’t bleachers, of course, they’re seats. The bleachers are in left field, right?

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