MEZmerizing Shirt Ya Got There

Gotta love the "MEZ" love right behind home plate

Gotta love the "MEZ" love right behind home plate

Devin Mesoraco’s family and friends were out in full-force for Saturday night’s Reds/Pirates tilt. Hailing from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, it makes sense that Devin, aka “The Punxsutawney Punisher,” aka “Groundhog*” would have such strong support in Pirates country. How could we tell? Well, all the red “MEZ” shirts littered around PNC Ballpark gave us a pretty big clue. According to George Grande on the FS Ohio broadcast over 700 shirts have been distributed by Devin’s mother, Laura.

The “Cincinnati red” shirt features “MEZ” with a photo of Devin making a throw on the front and “MESORACO” and his current Reds uniform number, 39, on the back.

The ladies are showin' love for Devin

The ladies are showin' love for Devin (This is NOT Devin's Mom, btw)

Devin wasn’t exactly on board with the idea at first. The news about the t-shirts first broke to the public Thursday in this interview with Laura in the Punxsutawney Spirit. But Devin spotted them on Facebook even before that.

When Devin first heard word via Facebook that his parents were doing the T-shirts, he wasn’t exactly thrilled.

“I didn’t even tell Devin, and somebody put it on Facebook,” Laura said. “I got a text from him at one o’clock in the morning that said, ‘No T-shirts!,’ but I told him some friends approached us and wanted shirts to wear to support him, so Doug and I sort of took it on so we could get the design we liked.”

To get Devin on-board, the he and his family decided to give all proceeds from the shirts to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We love it.

How do we get ourselves one?

*Dusty apparently dubbed him that. We’re not sure if it will stick. It makes sense and all, being that Devin is from Punxsutawney, but OMGreds feels that nicknames should work a little harder for you. Let’s give it some time. We’ll go with “MEZ” for now.

UPDATE: We got the big pickup on Big League Stew. Sweet!


  1. George AlbertNo Gravatar

    Just so you know that is a picture of Devin throwing a ball in his catching uniform, not batting.

  2. DanNo Gravatar

    Oh, duh… thanks. We’ll get that changed :)

  3. Where can I purchase one of these t-shirts??

  4. omgredsNo Gravatar

    Not sure. We haven’t heard of any place online at this point.

  5. ScottNo Gravatar

    that’s great! we were at the CIN/PIT game too and saw all these people sporting the shirts We asked 2 people in the elevator at our hotel and they told us the story, in fact, the guy in the upper right-hand corner (behind the guy in the Pirates hat) was the one we talked too!

    very cool story.

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