Dude ganks bobblehead, gets two more years in pokey

Stolen bobblehead!

You can’t steal another man’s bobblehead. It’s just not cool. Allegedly, that’s just what James Cheatham did to his buddy Brian Mitchell. This bobblehead wasn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill Felipe Lopez nodder though, court documents valued the “1st Generation Reds Mascot Bobblehead” at $5,000. According the Mitchell, its value is closer to $12,000.

Damn, y’all!

Cheatham, who is currently serving a prison term for another robbery, plead guilty after DNA evidence connected him to the crime. In spite of the plea, he maintains his innocence:

“In all honesty,” Cheatham told the judge, “I didn’t take nothing from dude.”

Two years were added to Chetham’s current sentence.

Via Cincinnati.Com

Hat Tip: @Bongreatness

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  1. Hilarious…I read that article and thought of you guys! hahahahaha

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