My 7 favorite things about this fantastic video

Please, before you do anything, enjoy it in its entirety …

1. (:40) Eddie Milner sprinting into the fracas, not to protect Eric Davis or to track down Ray Knight but to go after pretty much the first Met he ran into with his head.

2. (:52) “Tell you one thing, you’re barking up the wrong tree when you go after Ray Knight.”

3. (1:57) Tom Browning’s hair (after attempting to tackle Kevin Mitchell, who had been pounding on an unidentified Red) as John Franco removes him from the donnybrook.

4. (2:31) “Uh oh, you don’t want to make No. 39 upset either.”

5. (2:39) Tommy Helms, right after he apparently tackled Eric Davis.

6. (4:16) “John Denny … who knows a little bit about the martial arts …”

7. (4:42) Dude wearing the white nut-huggers in the dugout

Honorable mention: The number of Mets involved – Kevin Mitchell (by the way, check out Mitchell at the 1:11 mark absolutely pounding on someone, and again at 2:16 looking like he’s ready for more), Davey Johnson, Roger McDowell, and there were probably others – who either had Cincinnati roots or later joined the Reds.


  1. markedmannerNo Gravatar

    This makes the Cardinals brawl look like childs play.

  2. You crack me up dude… you nailed that one! one thing though…i didn’t realize Dontrelle Willis was on that team? (0:50 mark) hahhahhaa

  3. KenNo Gravatar

    This cemented my hatred of the Mets and Ray Knight.

  4. Steve FNo Gravatar

    Not to mention the reason the game went to extra innings in the first place was
    Dave Parker dropped a routine fly ball with two outs in the ninth allowing two runs
    to score. Marty’s call, “Parker….and this one ohhhhhhhh he dropped the ball ! “

  5. DCNo Gravatar

    Wiffleguy: thanks, man, great call about Dontrelle!

    Steve F: I had no idea that had happened in that same game. crazy! Thanks

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