I mean, really. Really?

Pete Rose 'Never bet on baseball' inscribed autographed baseball card


None of us should be surprised, right?

So get this, Leaf (they’re still around?) has released an entire set of baseball cards featuring Pete Rose. AN ENTIRE SET. Entitled Pete Rose Legacy, the set features autographs with plenty of inscriptions and game-used pieces (a bat and a game-used Montreal Expos jersey were used). If you’re a Pete Rose freak, sounds like you’re going to love this set. Each box includes at least one Rose autograph, so you’re guaranteed a little sum sum from Charlie Hustle.

Hits* from the Pete Rose Legacy set have been hitting** eBay with the “Never bet on baseball” inscription being the grand-daddy of them all, if you ask us. Sure, there cards that are even more scare (1/1s), but this inscription takes the cake.

The folks over a Top Prospect Alert Minor League Blog (say that 3x fast) have compiled a list of in-scripted cards that have hit eBay recently.

By the way, get this – One lucky collector will pull a redemption card for a personal hitting lesson with Pete Rose. We also hear that you get to go hat shopping with Pete too!


**Pun Pun!


  1. They still make BASEBALL CARDS??

  2. “with the “I never bet on baseball” inscription ”

    You added a extra “I” in there. Huge difference…

  3. DanNo Gravatar

    @DONOVAN – You’re right. Thanks for the catch. That was not intentional. I just now edited the post to correctly quote the inscription.

    I do see where you are going with it being a huge difference… but since it’s a “Rose-ism” I still think it has the same meaning. We all know what he said and what he has inscribed on many, many baseballs :) Certainly debatable though!

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