LeCure painting raffle

A very shiny Sam LeCure by Cincinnati artist Shawn Voelker

A very shiny Sam LeCure by Cincinnati artist Shawn Voelker

In The Gap Shirts and Reds fan blog Big Red Redemption have teamed up with Cincinnati artist Shawn Voelker to help a little by raffling off this killer Sam LeCure painting. In The Gap Shirts is looking to raise some dough to help fund their effort to obtain 501c3 status and get them on the path to raising more funds for their charities. You can purchase your raffle tickets this weekend at the Midwest Baseball Trade Show and Seminar in Dayton, OH. Raffle tickets are priced at 1 for $5, 3 for $10 and 7 for $20. If you’re unable to attend, email inthegapshirts@yahoo.com to purchase.

Reds farmhand and 2011 Minor League Gold Glover Tucker Barnhart will be chillin’ at their booth on Sunday from 1-4pm, so make sure you stop by and say howdy.

In addition to the LeCure painting, In The Gap has other prizes including several signed baseballs and a signed bat from Tucker, signed 8x10s from Cincinnati Bengal players AJ Green, Jerome Simpson, Jermaine Gresham and Rey Maualuga as well as a custom action figure signed by Adam Jones.

Dontaions for the raffle have coming from numerous businesses including Natitown.com, ShawnVoelker.com, Heirloom Framing, Steven Gross and Stoneys Customs.

A little more information about In The Gap Shirts:

“In The Gap Shirts” was launched on May 17th with one simple idea, “make a difference.” In making a difference we want to impact lives in a positive way. We aim to bring you unique T-shirts that when purchased help raise money that at four points in the year we give to charitable organizations. The donation months are January, April, July and October. We are not affiliated with any specific charities nor are we a charity ourselves. We know how important trust is in instances like these so we will always be as transparent as we can be. The main motivation in the life of “In The Gap Shirts” is to honor the life Donna Neale, who passed away June 5th after battling cancer and other ailments. Her life was met with many struggles and pain but through it all she would give to those that she could to give them a better life. Her life left a great impression on those who knew exactly what she had been through. It has only been a short time since her passing but her effects will be felt for many years.

In The Gap aims to remain flexible with the charities they will make charitable contributions to. They have supported Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the past and are looking to donate to Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, Ohio next.

Of course, you can help by purchasing a raffle ticket or by picking a t-shirt or two at inthegap.spreadshirt.com.

Speaking of Sam LeCure and charity, he’s growing out his ‘stache again for Charity. Check out his Movember page and throw a few bucks towards the cause. Go Sam!

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