Are you ready for Mr. Red?

Mr. Red

Likely the first mascot version of Mr. Red. (Rhodes/Klumpe Reds Hall of Fame Collection)

I believe we are.

Five years after the merciful retiring of alien baby Mr. Red, he’s being brought back into the mascot fold next season. Rounding out the Reds mascot roster at four, Mr. Red is being re-introduced at this year’s Redsfest – likely looking much, much better after years of Billy Blanks Tae Bo and some serious facial reconstruction. New Mr. Red will be presented at 6pm Friday night on the Redsfest main stage.

Alien Mr. Red had a run from 1997-2006 serving as the teams only mascot until 2003 when he was joined by “lovable” Gapper. In 2007, Mr. Red was was supplanted by Mr. Redlegs and the lovely Rosie Red rounded out the mix in 2008.

With the resurrection of Mr. Red, fans will be looking forward to even more mascot hijinx around GABP.

So, how about that photo of Mr. Red from the early 70s? We’re not sure of the date on that one, but we’d guess 1973ish? Just a hunch. While that incarnation is a complete rip of the original Mr. Met, all of us Reds fans know that Mr. Red/Mr. Redlegs has been around for quite a while.

Speaking of dudes running around with paper mache baseballs on their heads, check out how Reds fan Tim Shafer crashed the 1975 National League Championship celebration parade dressed in a home-made Mr. Red costume. He was OMGreds before there was OMGreds. We salute you, Mr. Shafer!


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    I’m still hoping that they’ll have real races in 2012…not scoreboard races. I don’t see the point of having so many mascots without some sort of on-field entertainment.

  2. CorfyNo Gravatar

    I never cared for the Mr. Redlegs mascot. The combination of those eyes and that mustache (and maybe a little bit of the smile) always reminded me of a 1950s/60s cartoon villain (such as Snidely Whiplash from the Dudley Do-right cartoons). Every time I see him, I half expect him to grab someone and tie them up on the nearest set of railroad tracks.

  3. omgredsNo Gravatar

    @JT – The races would be fun. More fun if they were held in the concorse. Race from Mr. Reds Smokehouse around the bowl to the helmet sundae stand on the 3rd base side. No lanes, gotta jive and weave through the crowd. Awesomeness.

    @Corfy – I’m surprised. I feel that Mr. Redlegs and Rosie are both very well designed mascots. But, it if reminds you of something sinister, I guess that would make a difference :)

  4. Funny enough Dan…. Tim Shafer is my wife’s Uncle! let me know if you want an exclusive interview! ahahhahahahaha

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