2012 Reds Bobbleheads

2012 Reds and Reds Hall of Fame Bobbleheads

2012 Reds and Reds Hall of Fame Bobbleheads

Both the Reds and Reds Hall of Fame & Museum recently released their bobbelehead promotions for 2012. Reds fans have a bevy of bobbleheads from current and past players to collect during the upcoming season. Interestingly, all of the Reds bobbleheads, except for Johnny Cueto, are for players that have been featured as a ceramic nodder in the past. For a list of past Reds bobbleheads, click here.

Reds (Promotional Schedule)

Sat, May 12 – Joey Votto
Sat, Jun 23 – Sean Casey (2012 Reds Hall of Famer)
Wed, Jul 18 – Jay Bruce
Sat, Aug 4 – Johnny Cueto

Just a heads up, bobbleheads are limited to 25,000 fans per date this season. It’s been 30-40,000 the past few seasons. This year marks the return of the weeknight bobblehead giveaway. It’s been quite a few years since the Reds have done that. Not sure when the last one was. Anyone remember?

Reds Hall of Fame & Museum (RedsMuseum.org)

April – Cesar Geronimo
May – George Foster
June – Dan Driessen (2012 Reds Hall of Famer)
July – Ken Griffey, Sr.
August – Dave Concepcion
September – Joe Morgan

Individual memberships receive Geronimo and Foster. Family membership receive those plus Driessen and Griffey, Sr.

September’s bobblehead has been announced! It’s Joe Morgan.


  1. JTNo Gravatar

    Hmmm…I’m not interested in any of the SGAs, except for possibly Cueto. But the HOF bobbles? I’ll take them ALL. I hope September is Big Klu, but considering the BRM theme the smart money is on Morgan.

  2. JTNo Gravatar

    And when will they update that promotions schedule to include everything else? LIKE THE TEAM CARD SET? Surely…SURELY they don’t plan to do away with the SGA team set???

  3. HarryBectorisNo Gravatar

    The Reds baseball card team set was always put out by Kahns until last season when Thompson was the sponsor. Maybe they could not find a sponsor this season. No set listed

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    JT – I knew you would be all up in the HOF bobbleheads. That will be a fun summer of stuff to pick up. You’re right – They’ll keep it BRM since next summer’s exhibit will be BRM focused. Morgan is a good bet, as is Perez.

    Harry – Yep! Surprised it’s not on the schedule yet. I can’t imagine the Reds not doing that promotion. It’s a tradition.

  5. MoeNo Gravatar

    Sept is probably for 9/11………4192!

  6. JTNo Gravatar

    Dan, do you really think they would put Driessen and Perez out in the same year? LOL

  7. EddieNo Gravatar

    How do you get the HOF bobbleheads if you don’t live in Cincinnatti?

  8. omgredsNo Gravatar

    Eddie – You can become a Reds Hall of Fame member and have the HOF mail you the bobbleheads for an extra fee. Also, if you are visiting, they will hold them for members for a certain period of time. I believe that members could still pick pick up all the 2011 bobbleheads through end of October this year. You can contact the HOF via this form for more information:

    Hope that helps!

  9. EddieNo Gravatar

    Thanks. I live in California and don’t plan on visiting any time soon. Not interested in all of them but I guess I will have to work Ebay. Thanks for the help.

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