Mustaches are so 2007

Mr. Red is new for 2012

The Mr. Red was unveiled at Redsfest 2011 (Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Reds)

With a mild amount of fanfare, the Cincinnati Reds introduced a fourth mascot at Redsfest, Mr. Red. After 5 years in hibernation and one hell of a make-over, Mr. Red joins Mr. Redlegs, Rosie Red and Gapper at GABP this summer. Like Rosie and Mr. Redlegs, Mr. Red is member of the baseball head species with his main identifying characteristic being a clean-shaven upper lip. Mr. Red also sports to stirrups in a sure nod to the return of baseball’s quintessential hosiery.

There's no messing with Mr. Red

There's no messing with Mr. Red

While OMGreds did have the chance to meet the Reds newest mascot during Redsfest 2011, Mr. Red declined comment and proceeded put us in a headlock, drop us in a Suplex, wrap us up in a Sharpshooter and finally coming of the top rope with a Superfly Splash. We attempted to return the favor and just ended up re-aggravating that sports-hernia injury from 1997.

Now that we’ve healed up a bit, OMGreds concludes that Mr. Red is legit and deserves mad respect. As this year’s rookie mascot he’ll have to earn his keep and pay some dues, but watch out, he might end up owning GABP before long.


  1. Wait…. by saying mustache’s are so 2007…are you saying Sam LeCure is out of date?! That can’t be. Are you saying Corky Miller needs to lose the facial hair? Nahhh…couldn’t be.

  2. omgredsNo Gravatar

    All fads must end… this may be a signal.

    Bacon is out too – bank on it.

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