Pete Rose & Tom Seaver on the Mike Douglas Show in 1977

Tom Seaver and Pete Rose on the Mike Douglas Show, 1977

Tom Seaver and Pete Rose on the Mike Douglas Show, 1977

Talk-show host Mike Douglas interviews All-Star baseball players Pete Rose and Tom Seaver of the world-champion Cincinnati Reds on July 20th, 1977 (the show was broadcast one week later on July 27th).

This is one of helluva episode. Not only do Rose and Seaver appear on the show, but Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford are on the show promoting Star Wars. Epic.

There are four parts to the episode that originally aired on July 27, 1977, but we’ll embed just the parts that feature Rose and Seaver – 3 & 4. To check out all 4 parts, click here.

Tell you what, I always enjoy hearing Pete talk about baseball. Whatever about the rest of his thing, but when he talks about baseball, I’m down.

It’s almost bizarre to hear Rose and Seaver about a few particular things like, explaining free agency, Seaver’s trade from the Mets, Tony Perez being traded from the Reds to the Expos and Rose’s burgeoning career in endorsements and TV commercials. Of course, Mike Douglas tests Rose and Seaver at the end of the second segment to see if they are skilled product pitchmen.

Also, Pete’s chain is legit. Ya best recognize.

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. Patricia Kerster (@pk927)No Gravatar

    Thanks for posting . . . my favorite part was when Mike Douglas asked Rose to explain free agency, since the ladies might not understand it.
    This is great though!

  2. As always…well done gents. I caught that part that Patricia mentioned too hahahahahhaa… WOW! You would get fired if you said that these days!

    You could tell Mike Douglas is a real baseball fan though… and VERY interested in Tom Seaver’s trade from the Mets.

    Not sure if you saw it, but the MLB Channel just interviewed Seaver and of course they covered that in depth. He STILL gets emotional about it. Pretty good interview if you see it come on again.

  3. HarryBectorisNo Gravatar

    Not to mention they were on with the cast from Star Wars.

  4. HarryBectorisNo Gravatar

    Opps, you did mention that. Thanks for posting.

  5. DaveNo Gravatar

    1. Pete’s hair might be even more legit than the chain. :D

    2. I love not only Mike Douglas’ chauvinistic remark (as mentioned in comments above) in the question to Rose but also when Douglas asks, “Are they buying pennants, big teams like Cincinnati and New York?” Hahahaha … big teams … I know the Big Red Machine at the time obviously was a powerhouse but it’s like he’s referring to the Reds in this question as a big-market team. Ha! Wha happen?

  6. LOL This is great. Thank you for posting this. Great players with lots of style.

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