Redsfest 2011 Memorabilia pt. 001

Taking a page out of Bill Simmons’ book, OMGreds took a couple of strolls around the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011. There were plenty of baseball cards, bobbleheads and framed photos of the Big Red Machine to be had, but we were digging a little deeper for some special items. In a four part series, we’ll show you what caught our eye. Spoiler alert! We didn’t see any Alf trading cards this year.

The Series: pt 001 | pt. 002 | pt. 003 | pt 004

Part 001 comes from the tallest OMGred, Paul. Dan is modeling some of the goods. Enjoy!

Framed Johnny Bench photo and shin guards

On display: The tools of ignorance

Johnny Bench’s shinguards? Don’t mind if I do. Not that I’d ever take them out of the display case, except maybe just once. Just to try them on…and maybe walk around the house a bit…and maybe head down to the nearest batting cages and catch a few pitches with them on.

1894 Cincinnati Baseball Club Season Ticket

Ah, too bad it's expired.

For only $450, you can get a Reds season ticket from the 1894 season. What I love about this (besides the fact that the design of the ticket is super-cool) is that it’s just one ticket. There is no game or date listed, so presumably, you just brought the one ticket with you to each game. Very cool.

Ted Kluszewski

The mighty stare of Big Klu

And speaking of tickets, Big Klu has a couple season tickets to the gun show! Did that dude ever wear sleeves?

Hudepohl Beer commemorative sign

This Hudy sign belongs in your basement. Or, did it come from there?

I really like this Hudepohl/Crosley Field sign. Reminds me of something many grandparents probably have hanging in their basement, right above the fridge that was stocked with Thanksgiving leftovers and delicious Hudy.

Baseball patches

Sew these on your letter jacket, jock-head!

It’s great that somebody decided to document the facial hair trends of the 1970s with embroidered patches. Lookin’ good, Garry Maddox!

1963 Reds scorecard

Mr. Redlegs was looking pretty athletic back in '63

I love everything about the illustration on the cover of this scorecard. But I’m still trying to figure out what position Mr. Redlegs is playing. My guess is first base, judging by the curve on the glove (or is that a notebook) that he’s wearing on his hand. Looks like he just snagged a frozen rope and is about to double up the runner. Much like many women who is over the age of 80, I’m a huge fan of keeping a scorebook when I attend a game. I’d love to see the Reds do some retro looking covers like this on their scorebooks in the near future.

Ken Griffey Sr. St. Paddy's Day jersey

Needs Green Hat.

What better way to celebrate your Irish heritage than to get blackout drunk in this festive green Reds jersey that Ken Griffey wore for a spring training game on St. Patrick’s Day in 1978. Be sure to ask John Fay about the green hats.

Reds usher jacket - Van Dyne Crotty!

Reds usher jacket - Van Dyne Crotty!

Ever want to sneak down into the cushy, padded dugout box seats at GABP? But do those pesky ushers keep asking you for your ticket? Not anymore with this old-style ushers jacket. Just put this baby on and you can cruise to any seat you like, “Mr. Usher.” Of course, you better get an encyclopedic knowledge of GAPB first, because you’ll probably be fielding plenty of questions from Reds fans trying to find their seats or asking you where the nearest helmet sundae stand is.

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  1. Wow, a lot of great stuff to look at. There is a lot of great history for this ball club and I am very glad they showcase that. Thank you for sharing this.

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