Redsfest 2011 Memorabilia pt. 002

Part 002 in a series on the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011.

Taking a page out of Bill Simmons’ book, OMGreds took a couple of strolls around the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011. There were plenty of baseball cards, bobbleheads and framed photos of the Big Red Machine to be had, but we were digging a little deeper for some special items. In a three part series, we’ll show you what caught our eye.

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Johnny Bench autographed poster

Retro Johnny Bench poster - Rad

This Johnny Bench poster? Yes please. The vintage baseball card look had me at “autographed!”. The sale Posit was a nice touch, too.

Wall of Reds autographed posters

The Great Wall of Goodness

In fact, just sign me up for all of this. Well, except maybe that Brandon Phillips back of the jersey poster – just not my style. The vintage baseball card designs that Sports Gallery has been using to make posters with are pretty rad. My basement would be full of them if I had one.

Joey Votto game-used baseball glove

Joey leather!

Joey Votto’s mitt? For real? Totally. Right there. We could have walked off it. Ha! We couldn’t even muster up the guts to ask how much they wanted for it. Somewhere between a “pretty penny” and a “sh*t ton” would be our guess.

Barry Larkin home run ball and certicate

This Larkin home run ball is legit - The COA says so

The memorabilia game is bigger than ever these days. MLB Authentication services pretty much slaps a sticker on anything the touches a Major League field. Why not? If there’s a market for it, go for it. Anyways, with all that in mind, it’s pretty neat to see a Barry Larkin home run ball from 1994 complete with a COA from the Reds Gift Shop. Have any guess as to the original sale price? We would love to know.

Ted Kluszewski Baseball School Hat

Klu Cap

Some kid was totally jacked about getting this hat at the Ted Kluszewski Baseball School (in lovely Bainbridge, Ohio) and he wore it all darn summer. If you were that kid, you might want to check out the TKBS Facebook group. I would have totally been that kid, too.

Reds megaphone

More "mini" than "mega"

There needs to be “Megaphone” day at a Reds game soon. It’s like the megaphone has all but been forgotten about it. Let’s get 30,000 people in GABP with these things and a few beers and see what happens. It might put rally towels to shame.

Reds puppet


This mustached Reds puppet was by far the creepiest item we encountered around the Redsfest memorabilia area. It also seemed to be made of a vinyl material that you could tell has a half life that borders on infinity. It ain’t going anywhere any time soon.

I was there! At Pete's first game back

Were you really?

Now we know that if you’re bragging about being at Pete Rose’s first game back with the Reds in 1984 as player/manager you better whip out your certificate as proof. Otherwise, we’re not buying it. Did they make certificates for Tom Browning’s perfect game? ‘Cause we know about 75,000 people that were there that night and didn’t leave during the rain delay. I’m surprised I was wasn’t there, actually. Or… maybe I was…


  1. Patricia Kerster (@pk927)No Gravatar

    Very cool stuff! Wish I had been able to go, but I am enjoying seeing the goodies that I missed! Thanks for posting.

  2. Those are great thank you for sharing.

  3. HarryBectorisNo Gravatar

    I remember Roberta the Reds Gift Shop manager from the early 90’s. I was jealous of her
    because she wore an authentic 1990 World Series ring. Reds employees were given the option
    to purchase a ring that was given to the players and coaches. Nice perk of the job.

  4. That’s great stuff guys! Doing Redsfest justice!

  5. darlaNo Gravatar

    Most of the items shown were ours. We will be setting up this month at Eastgate Mall, the weekend of Janusary 20-22. Come see us!!! There will be other dealers set up with great stuff. Email me at if you have any requests for items. Redsfest was a blast!

  6. Dan – They gave out those certificates at Johnny Bench night on 9/17/1983. I still have it!

    HarryBectoris – I remember her and remember seeing her ring. It was breathtaking…

  7. DanNo Gravatar

    Darla – Good to hear from you. It was really fun browsing your Reds items. Great, great stuff. Thanks for indulging us. I’m sure we’ll see you at a show sometime. We’ll make sure to say hi!

    Russ – I think I’ve seen those Johnny Bench Night ones too. Wonder if teams do anything like that anymore? Or, more importantly, if anyone would want anything like that these days.

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