Redsfest 2011 Memorabilia pt. 003

Part 003 in a series on the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011.

Taking a page out of Bill Simmons’ book, OMGreds took a couple of strolls around the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011. There were plenty of baseball cards, bobbleheads and framed photos of the Big Red Machine to be had, but we were digging a little deeper for some special items. In a three part series, we’ll show you what caught our eye.

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1957 Cincinnati Redlegs official scorecard

It also has your horoscope inside

This Cincinnati Redlegs scorecard from 1957 is something else. Mr. Redlegs is apparently hitting moonshots from a cloud, which is totally cheating. How about that blue? In the height of the cold war, the Redlegs were distancing themselves as much as possible from the color Red. It’s a wonder that the team’s name didn’t have a more drastic change.

1951 Cincinnati Redlegs yearbook

'51 Official Redlegs yearbook

Solid cover on this ’51 Yearbook. Strong, simple baseball bat illustration in the background with the cool little glove in a diamond graphic in the lower-right. Nice stuff.

1971 Cincinnati Reds Yearbook


After a trip to the World Series in 1970, the Reds had to come strong on the yearbook design front in ’71. I can hear the art director now, “The ’71 Reds! All the pieces are there, boys, all the pieces! Draw yer inspiration from that and have it on my desk by 8am! And get me some damn coffee!”

I’d bet anything it went down like that.

Jonny Bench jigsaw puzzle

Johnny puts all the pieces together

You know there were a plethora of old ladies in the Greater Cincinnati area hitting up Woolworth’s back in the day looking for their Johnny Bench jigsaw puzzle. You know this. Man.

Reds pins and buttons

Reds loot

I don’t know what it is, but I just love little Reds pins, buttons, coins and what have you. I have no clue what those Frank Robinson Pog-like things are, but I want me some. You know, to sit in a box on a shelf in the closet never to be seen again. I need them.


For your jacket, foo

These patches were some of the raddest items we saw at Redsfest. Apparently only approved by the Players Association, each patch features stitched visages of a who’s who of that era’s baseball stars. It’s too bad that Tom Seaver, Tony Perez and Pete Rose where in colors other than Cincinnati’s otherwise I’d be rocking’ these patches on my school backpack right now. Or, did the patch designers just put them in whatever? Could you get any more generic?

Also, Chet Lemon! Yes.

So, I’m thinking I’ll pick some up next year and sew them on a couple of wristbands, B Lark style. Those will come in handy for Reds Wiffle Classic.

Vada Pinson bottle cap

Vada cap!

I’d drink enough soda to rot my entire grill out in 3 months if Reds players were on bottle caps now. How about this Vada Pinson bottle cap? Totally sweet. Totally needs to be in that box of mine in the back of the closet. Totally.

Reds Spirit Hair




  1. if you raise some serious jack for the Wiffle classic this year, I’ll see what I can do about getting some of those patches!

  2. omgredsNo Gravatar

    Jack will be raised in a serious way this year.

  3. aaatttttaaaa baby!

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