Redsfest 2011 Memorabilia pt. 004

Part 004, the final part, in a series on the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011.

Taking a page out of Bill Simmons’ book, OMGreds took a couple of strolls around the memorabilia area at Redsfest 2011. There were plenty of baseball cards, bobbleheads and framed photos of the Big Red Machine to be had, but we were digging a little deeper for some special items. In a three part series, we’ll show you what caught our eye.

The Series: pt 001 | pt. 002 | pt. 003 | pt 004

Wayne Krenchicki baseball bat

Krenchick this out!

You have know clue how close I was to buying this Wayne Krenchicki baseball bat. I assume it was game-used? Awesomeness.

Reds souvenir cup

We'll drink to (from) these!

It’s too bad the era of the “Souvienor Cup” has come and gone here in Cincinnati. See this little line-up of cups brought back some great memories. Some of Coke, some of Pepsi, but mostly of carrying a 7-foot stack of dirty, grimy, sticky used cups out of Riverfront Stadium after many a Reds game.

Reds things to sew on things

Reds things to sew on things

Not sure what these little Redlegs embroideries where for, but we’ll sew them on our backpack, right next to that Tom Seaver patch. Can’t touch this!

Pizza Hut Reds pins

You can pin that loss on Franco.

I actually remember going to the game where these John Franco pins where given out. Still have the pin and the card, though both have been pretty beat up. I picked up a few of these bad-boys at Redsfest 2010 and rock ’em on the laptop bag every now and then.

Adam Dunn bobbleheads

Plenty left.

Prepare yourself, these Adam Dunn “Miami Vice” bobbleheads will be a staple of Redsfest memorabilia area tables for years to come. The market for these bad-boys continues to dwindle. $3? Not sure that you could give them away anymore.

George Foster souvenir cup

George Foster souvenir cup

George Foster souvenir cup? Don’t mind if we do. Fill this with Coke, no ice.

Pete Rose /  Ray Fosse t-shirt

This Pete shirt is coming strong

Can’t get enough of Pete Rose truckin’ Ray Fosse in the ’70 All-Star Game? Well, you can now get the shirt and parade around your cul-de-sac basking in the glory that Charlie Hustle.

Redleg Booster Buttons

Redleg Booster? Yes!

I am unable to explain why I did not buy at least one of these Redleg Booster pins. They are exquisite.

Cincinnati Reds Brief Case

Keep it brief, and keep it in here

Whenever OMGreds finally gets that meeting with the Castellini’s to present our plan for Redleg world dominance, we’ll be carrying our presentation materials in this fine brief case.

Johnny Bench Serigraph

Johnny Bench Serigraph by LeRoy Neiman

Last, but not least, is this beautiful Johnny Bench serigraph by artist LeRoy Neiman. This is something I would style an entire man-cave around. Super-dope, eh? Now, before you bounce, check out the upper-lip Neiman sports. Legit.


  1. Those are great, thank you for sharing all of these great pictures.

  2. Counting the days until pitchers and catchers! (38 by the way)… great work gentlemen! Really enjoyed it.

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