Gapper vs. Leake

Mike Leake 2012 Topps #308 Short Print

Gapper getting what he deserves?

Topps 2012 is out! Twitter has been nerding it up all day with famous folks busting packs and fools like us showing off the occasional gem or two from that rouge pack we snagged at Target while picking up laundry detergent, a card for grandma’s 88th birthday and a chocolate Nesquik® from the refrigerated section.

Oh! So, there’s this Mike Leake card with him and Gapper. It’s card #308 and apparently a short print. Not sure how short though. His regular issue is below. You can pick one up now if you’re hankerin’, but we’ll probably wait a bit ourselves.

Mike Leake 2012 Topps

Mike Leake's regular 2012 Topps issue

So, while the rest of the collecting world is crapping their pants about the Skip Schumaker/Rally Squirrel card, we’ll have this one to make fun of.

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  1. Paula Deen's Butter DealerNo Gravatar

    He’s saying “GIMME THAT SHIRT, B*TCH!”

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