Bill Bray: Card collecting enthusiast

Bill Bray autographed 2006 Topps '52

Bill Bray autographed 2006 Topps '52

Bill Bray was already among our favorite Reds, but he definitely elevated himself even higher on our list Thursday evening.

Bray was on 700 WLW with Lance McAlister; the two had the following exchange toward the end of the interview in the second hour of Lance’s sports talk show.

Lance: You know what I bought last week? I bought my first baseball card pack of the year.

BB: Topps 2012?

Lance: You know how much a pack of Topps 2012 cost?

BB: You know, I bought a few packs a couple weeks ago … I want to say $1.99.

Lance: I got them for $2.19. … $2.19! They were a quarter when I was a kid! How do they expect kids to collect cards these days, Bill Bray?!

BB: With help of their parents. (laugh) Inflation. … 1987 was the first year I can remember collecting baseball cards. They were 35 cents a pack.

Lance: Did I hear right? Were Topps representatives in the clubhouse today? Were they around the complex?

BB: They were. Matter of fact I had lunch with one of them today.

Lance: Did they give you like packs to open?

BB: Yeah, we cracked a box of Topps Series 1, at the field. And then when I went out to lunch, he surprised me with a box of Bowman Sterling.

Lance: Awwww, that is suh-weet!

BB: Yeah, it’s awesome. I mean I was stoked. I just opened them up a little while ago. I’m gonna put pictures on my Facebook page. It was awesome. I pulled some sweet cards. I’m pumped.

Lance: Did you get yourself?

BB: No, no I don’t have a card currently, I don’t think.

Lance: How do you not? I thought everyboday had a card! Or do you have to agree to allow them to have you in their set?

BB: You know, we sign a contract yearly with them. And it’s up to them whether they produce a card or not.

Lance: Well if Topps doesn’t do a card of you, I’m not buying any more cards from Topps!

BB: Well put that in writing …

Lance: When you opened packs today, if you get like Joey Votto or Brandon Phillips, do you like walk over to their locker and say, “Look, I got you!”

BB: You know I did throw a card down today and I said, “Look, it’s Devin Mesoraco’s rookie card.” And he wasn’t in the locker room at the time. But yeah, it’s pretty cool, you know, when you’re cracking a pack and you pull a guy you know, a guy you play with. I have yet to pull my own card though.

Bray has talked about cards on Twitter as well (but we know not all are Twitter-inclined, which is why this was worthy of a blog post). He is a solid Twitter follow, though – @B_line45.

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