City of Hustle Tee

City of Hustle tee by The Social Dept.

Hustle out and get yours

The fine folks (and cats) over at The Social Dept have put together a nice city-themed collection of tees dubbed “The City Series“. Cincinnati gets the call with this “City of Hustle” design featuring a three-way, a sixer of Hu-Dey beer and Charlie Hustle himself. OMGreds approved.

h/t: CS


  1. Joe TallarigoNo Gravatar

    I’m surprised your not jumping all over Aaron Boone being named Grand Marshall for the opening day parade.

    Also April 28th Pete will be at the Sports Gallery from 1-3. I got my ticket already. Prices $55 for all flatts.

  2. omgredsNo Gravatar

    Thanks, Joe! We’ve got that Pete signing on this spring events list we’ll be posting soon. Maybe we’ll trek up to the West Chest for that one.

  3. Joe TallarigoNo Gravatar

    Yep. I am an avid reds event hunter too. I love your site, and keeps me up to date for signings and events.

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Thanks a bunch, Joe. Very much appreciated. We always had trouble finding out about events, autograph signing and other things. Doing our best to bring those to everyone. If you ever hear of anything, pass it our way!

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