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Good friend of OMGreds and creative designer extraordinaire Chris Hendrixson is looking out for his fellow Reds fans. With his latest creation, Cincy Lineup, he gives Reds fans with iPhones up-to-the-minute line up information for each game of the season. You can sit around and watch Twitter all day waiting for @Reds, @johnfayman or @m_sheldon to Tweet the lineup, or you can get on with your day and let Cincy Lineup send you a notification. Ever handy in situations where the inevitable question “Who’s pitching tonight” comes up, Cincy Lineup will be a handy app all season long.

Chris was gracious enough to do a little Q&A with OMGreds about the app, future plans for the app and other projects he’s working on.

You can Download Cincy Lineup from the iTunes Store for free.

Cincy Lineup screen shots

Cincy Lineup

When did the app first appear in the App Store?
Wednesday, March 14. It’s my first app so it was a pretty exciting night.

What made you decide to create Cincy Lineup?
I actually had the idea during last year’s season. I’m a huge Reds fan and I follow a bunch of Reds-affiliated folks on Twitter. The lineup would get posted there a few hours before each game and I found myself really looking forward to it. Is Phillips leading off? Who’s playing left field? In addition to my lifelong fanaticism for the Reds I happen to be a graphic designer and a huge tech nerd. I suppose Cincy Lineup is a culmination of those 3 passions.

What role did you play, and who else was involved in bringing the app to life?
I suppose “creative director” is the best description of my role. I dreamt it up, designed it, showed it to friends, tweaked it a bit. Since I don’t know how to code an iPhone app it was then time to bring another person on board. Through a family friend I met Gabe Webb, an aspiring young developer who helped me get the ball rolling. I also had contact information for a fellow Miami University grad, Andy Roth, interested in some freelance app development. Andy works full-time in San Francisco but did much of the heavy lifting for Cincy Lineup in his free time and I really couldn’t have done this without him. Gabe is also now working with me on another project.

The Cincy Lineup looks fantastic. Where did you draw design inspiration from?
I wanted the app to feel like a manager’s lineup card. I thought the app would be more fun if it felt like something handwritten by Dusty. I also decided to make it feel a little bit “vintage” to celebrate the tradition of the game as well as the long tradition of baseball here in Cincinnati.

It’s straight-forward, simple and does the job, but should we expect any enhancements in the near future?
Yes. I am committed to creating a really great experience for Reds fans.

Any plans for an Android version?
Finding an iPhone developer is hard enough in Cincinnati. At this point it is a matter of resources. Many Reds fans have Android devices, so yes I’d love to make that happen.

Thoughts on creating similar apps for other MLB teams, or even other sports?
Sure. But my focus right now is tailoring a mobile experience specifically for the Reds, and exploring new ways that design & technology can enhance the fan experience here in Cincinnati. I’m very excited about the 2012 season and my heart is with this team and no one else.

What else are you working on, outside of Cincy Lineup?
This project is my main investment right now, but I’m also working on a project called “The Daily Wallpaper.” At the end of 2011 I made a decision to design a new wallpaper every day and share it for free the following day. The wallpapers can be downloaded for mobile, tablet, laptop or large desktop computer and are generally meant to inspire myself and others or are some sort of ethos I believe in. I’ve missed 2 days since then: one night from sickness and the other was the night Cincy Lineup hit the App Store. In addition to these projects I want to build a team of talented folks working to create amazing products and to be an integral part of bringing a new generation of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers to Cincinnati.

I have much respect for the OMGReds crew so today’s wallpaper pays tribute to the great guys here and to the Reds in 2012! Download here!

Big thanks to Chris for chillin’ with OMGreds and for creating Cincy Lineup. We’ll be using it all season! You can see Chris’ work at and follow him on Twitter @inkdryer.

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