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In honor of Opening Day 2012, OMGreds is posting a series of FREE downloadable Opening Day/Reds/Baseball inspired desktop/tablet/mobile wallpapers designed by some of our staff and good friends. Check in each day this week as we release a new one for you to nab. [Full Series Here]

Our first release comes from graphic designer Mike Dew. Mike is a serious Reds fan and burger aficionado. No joke, check out his burger blog, 80/20 Burgerquest. He’s also one of the 10 most followed dudes on Pinterest. Seriously, he is. Mike also paces the OMGreds Wiffleball team. Mike originally hails from the NKY, but is chillin’ in Philly these days. No worries, he brought his ‘Nati Swag and lets Phillies fans know what’s up.

Mike’s wallpaper is inspired by Joey Votto’s 2010 MVP run, and an apparent love of eyebrows. We posted Mike’s original design during the MVP season and he’s updated it for your digital consumption today…

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