Remembering Crosley

I’m really enjoying this “Remember Crosley” series on Cincinnati.Com. The video posted above features Enquirer Reporter Howard Wilkinson and Reds Historian Greg Rhodes sharing their memories of Crosley on current-day location of the Crosley Field site.

2012 is the 100th anniversary of the opening of Redland Field. Redland was renamed Crosley Field in 1934.

As someone that was born years after Crosley Field yielded to the wrecking ball, I’m fascinated by its history and enjoy hearing stories of those who had been there. Speaking of, Cincinnati.Com also has a great list of reader-submitted Crosley Field memories. They’re personal, emotional, detailed and wonderful. I’m sure decades from now, many of us will be sharing our memories of GABP after it’s replaced by something better – whatever that may be. As much as I yearn to live in the past for just a few hours, I would love to see what we have coming in a few years. Can’t wait.

One more thing – They also produced a 3-D fly-through model of Crosely that is narrated by Rhodes and the Enquirer’s John Erardi.

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