Helmet Nachos – Needs Meat

GABP Helmet Nachos

It's nacho helmet - It's ours!

During the first homestand of the 2012 season, OMGreds dug in deep and gave GABP’s new “Helmet Nachos” a whirl and we’re here to give you the full report!

Now, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that we get overly-excited for any food items that are consumed from a helmet of any size. We devour our fair share of helmet sundaes every baseball season, but also like to step out of traditional confines and make our own concoctions – like the “3-Way Helmet” and the “Funnel Fry Helmet Sundae“. Shoot, throw a Sky-Rosa in a helmet and we’ll house that sucka.

You can imagine our giddiness when we heard Full-Size Helmet Nachos were being offered at our local ballpark.

GABP Nacho Helmets

The helmets for the nachos

Totally. Nachos? LOVE. Helmets? LOVE. This review should be writing itself, right? Well…

There’s no meat.

That’s right. There are no meat options for the Helmet Nachos. No beef. No chicken. No nuthin’. We were a little disappointed.

Now, if you get past that detail (we know, it’s tough), it’s actually a pretty good deal. While $15 seems steep for a food item at the ballpark, just know that the Helmet Nacho is meant to be shared. Get 3-4 friends in on one helmets-worth and your looking at noms for less than $5 a person. Not a bad deal and you’ll have plenty nacho to go around. The difficult part will be deciding who gets to wash out the helmet in the bathroom, wear it for the rest of the game and take it home to only gather dust in their basement after years of convincing their wife not to throw it away because it’s a physical link to an epic experience with buddies you hardly see anymore because you all have kids and then there was that one guy that you barely knew that was there who was a friend of a friend and didn’t even like baseball but came because it was a free ticket and ended up bailing after the top of the 4th to go find some chick who he had been stalking on Twitter and noticed she had just checked into Holy Grail on Foursquare. Dude was a putz.

Now, even without meat, we feel we got our money’s worth with nearly two pounds of nacho goodness. Our helmet was filled adequately with nachos, salsa, jalapeƱos and nacho cheese, layered well and was fairly proportionate. When we got to the bottom of helmet and had a pile of jalapeƱos left, the folks at the Nacho Helmet stand were more then happy to top us off with a few more nachos so we could properly finish the job.

GABP Helmet Nachos and a slushie

And a Slushie

Yes, the helmet is large enough to fit a grown man’s head. We can confirm that it’s a full-size helmet and it also conatains no holes. Yes, you can load that sucker up with ice cream when you get home.

You can find Helmet Nachos at a food stand near section 109. The also have Slushies there. Highly recommended, even if the thing it comes in is a little goofy.

GABP isn’t the only ballpark to carry the Helmet Nachos. There may be more, but we noticed the same culinary delight available at Wrigley, The Cell and Marlins Park. There are probably a few other ballparks that have them, too.

Bottom line: As far as ballpark food goes, it’s a good deal and fun to eat – The ultimate combination. We would love to have a meat option (even if it was a little more $$) and more topping options: Tomato salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, olives, onions, a blueberry pancake, you know the usuals.

For thoughts on some of the other new food items at GABP, head over to Simply Reds.


  1. JeffNo Gravatar

    You could bring in your own can of chili and doctor it up a bit if you need meat on your nachos. Sitting on the can for an inning or two ought to bring up to an adequate temperature.

  2. As a vegetarian and huge Reds/baseball fan, I’m totally getting helmet nachos next time I make it down to GABP from Columbus.

  3. I heartily recommend any type of nachos. As a Reds fan, Nachos in a Reds hat is probably the best of all possible worlds. Next time I’m in Cincy, I’m eating one of those all by myself. (Thanks for the link too!)

  4. DanNo Gravatar

    Ryan – Yep! Vegetarians will be pleased with the Helmet Nachos. We’ve got a veggie on staff and he’s all about nachos. Hell, we’re all about nachos here at OMG!

    Nachos Grande – NACHOS! NACHOS! NACHOS! Anytime on the link. We enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

  5. BradNo Gravatar

    Chili might be a bit much to bring but how about some crumbled bacon pieces? I am drooling thinking about bacon AND cheese.

  6. Tim S.No Gravatar

    I posted this on Facebook too, but here is my review of the helmet nachos.

    Alright, I had the helmet nachos on Saturday. I shared them with 3 other guys. We only got about half way through the nachos before the ones at the bottom became soaked and disgusting. My suggestion would be to create a removable plastic insert that goes in one half of the helmet, with two sections for cheese and salsa. Then give the buyer a bag of chips that we can use to continually restock the other half of the helmet. That way the chips stay dry right to the end, and you can take the insert out for a completely wearable souvenir helmet.

  7. Mike SNo Gravatar

    Sorry to post like this, but being from New Mexico and transplanted to Cincinnati recently it’s pico de gallo, not gayo.

  8. DanNo Gravatar

    Tim S – Thanks for posting your review. Great suggestion and the removable insert – innovative!

    Mike S – Thanks! Duh… we’ll get that updated :)

  9. NicoleNo Gravatar

    Miller Park in Milwaukee has the full-size helmet nachos, as well. Theirs include the choice of ground beef or chicken. Not sure of the price off the top of my head.

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